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Mage Tower Challenge Boost
€ 8
Mythic+ Boost
€ 4
Tabard of Flame
€ 56
Priest T3 set Vestments of Faith
€ 24
Shaman T3 set The Earthshatterer
€ 24
Hunter T3 Cryptstalker Armor
€ 24
Abyss Worm
€ 88
Kornkron Jaggernaut
€ 144
Mimirons Head
€ 88
Seething Slug mount
€ 46
Rocket Shredder 9001
€ 26
EFT Roubles
€ 5
EFT Euros
€ 39
EFT Dollars
€ 40
EFT PvE Mode Boost
€ 10

EFT Roubles, Dollars, Euros

Welcome to the gritty world of Escape from Tarkov, where your survival depends not just on your aim and tactics but also on mastering the in-game economy. Managing Roubles, Dollars, and Euros effectively can elevate your Tarkov experience, giving you the edge you need to outplay the competition.

Boosts We Offer

EFT Currency Farming: Jump into raids with our expert squad, and leave no valuable behind. Whether it's Roubles, Dollars, or Euros, we guarantee you'll exit richer than when you entered. Gear that catches your eye during the raid? It's yours to claim.

Roubles for Raiders: The backbone of Tarkov's economy, Roubles, can make or break your game. With our service, stock up on Roubles affordably and never miss out on essential gear, mods, or hideout upgrades again.

Dollars and Euros - The Global Currencies: With Tarkov's global economy, having a stash of Dollars and Euros means access to exclusive trader items and high-end gear. Our service ensures you have the international currency to trade with any vendor.

Strategic Spending: Our experts guide you on the best bang for your buck. Whether it's snagging that high-caliber sniper for long-range takedowns or investing in a Bitcoin miner for your hideout, we help you make informed spending decisions.

Why Gamers Choose Us

Grind No More: Say goodbye to the endless cycle of looting and selling. We cut through the grind, delivering the currency straight to your stash.

Expert Squad: Our team lives and breathes Tarkov. They know the maps, the loot spots, and how to get you the most valuable drops efficiently.

Gear Up: From kitting out your character with the best weapons and armor to stocking your hideout with all the necessities, we've got you covered.


In Escape from Tarkov, your wealth in Roubles, Dollars, and Euros can be as crucial as your skill in combat. Our services are designed to fill your virtual wallet. Let's elevate your Tarkov gameplay to legendary status.

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