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EFT TerraGroup Labs Keycards
€ 23
EFT PvE Mode Boost
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EFT Keycards for Sale

Embark on a journey through Escape from Tarkov where keycards serve as your gateway to a world filled with unparalleled loot opportunities. Each keycard grants you access to exclusive zones, rich with the game's most sought-after gear, weapons, and mods.

Boosts We Offer

Yellow Keycard Farming: This service allows access to coveted weapon mods, gear and also ensures a bounty of rubles and a significant boost in character experience and PMC skills.

Violet Keycard Loot Quest: Venture into the laboratory security post with the Violet keycard to uncover a treasure trove of weapons, mods, and rare items, accompanied by our expert rubles farming strategy.

Red Keycard Arsenal Access: Unlock the laboratory security arsenal with the Red keycard for a wealth of top-tier ammunition and weapon mods, bolstering your raids, experience, and skill levels.

Green Keycard Medical Marvels: The Green keycard reveals a cache of vital medical supplies and a potential MP5 spawn, enhancing your tactical gameplay.

Blue Keycard Healing Haul: Access the laboratory quarantine zone for essential medical supplies and Medcases, preparing you for any challenge in Tarkov.

Black Keycard Experimental Edge: With the Black keycard, discover exclusive experimental areas filled with medical supplies and a Medcase, key to your survival and success.

Why Gamers Choose Us

Direct Path to Elite Zones: Navigate quickly to Tarkov's most exclusive areas without the grind.

Insider Knowledge: Our team of pros utilizes their in-depth game knowledge to guide you to the most secretive loot spots.

Enviable Inventory: Amass a collection of gear and items that sets you apart in the world of Tarkov.

Character Advancement: We focus on enhancing your character's capabilities, preparing you for the rigors of the game.


In Escape from Tarkov, keycards are the keys to unlocking a richer, more rewarding gaming experience. It's time to open the doors to a new level of gaming excellence.

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