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EFT Graphics Cards
€ 6,50
EFT LEDX Skin Transilluminator
€ 5,50
EFT L1 Norepinephrine Injectors
€ 2
EFT 3-(b-TG) Stimulant Injectors
€ 2
EFT Golden 1GPhone
€ 2
EFT Advanced Current Converter (MCC)
€ 7,30
EFT Virtex
€ 2
EFT Far-forward GPS Signal Amplifier Unit
€ 9
EFT 6Sh118 raid backpack
€ 9
EFT PvE Mode Boost
€ 10

EFT Items for Sale

Your gear can make or break your survival in Escape from Tarkov. We are here to ensure you're equipped to face any challenge game throws at you.

Boosts We Offer

Wide Range of Essential EFT Items: Our armory is stocked with a plethora of items to fortify your gameplay.

Building Blocks for Your Hideout: Wires and screws. Get the basics to luxury building materials to upgrade your base.

Tech Gadgets Galore: Score the latest in-game electronics and energy elements to keep your hideout and gear at peak performance.

Survival Essentials: Stock up on flammable materials for those cold nights and medical supplies to patch up after a firefight.

The Right Tools for the Job: Whether it's for repair or combat, we have the tools to ensure you're always ready.

Valuables to Boost Your Stash: Enhance your trading power with valuables that command top prices on the market.

Tailor-Made Orders Just for You: Can't find what you're looking for in our stock? Hit us up! Our team is on standby 24/7 to set up a custom loot run tailored to your exact needs, ready to roll in no time.

Why Gamers Choose Us

Cut Down on Grind: Jump straight to the high-stakes action of Tarkov without the endless farming, keeping your stash full and your spirits high.

Expertise on Tap: With a squad of Tarkov veterans by your side, you're leveraging years of in-the-field experience for your loot runs.

Trust and Safety First: Our track record speaks volumes of our commitment to player satisfaction and security. Your gear-up journey is in safe hands.


Forget the frustration of missed opportunities and lost gear. With our inventory and custom loot services, you're always prepared, always ahead. Let's redefine your Escape from Tarkov experience together. Gear up, get ready, and let's dominate Tarkov.

Contact us now to purchase these services, and improve your gaming experience with Reinwinboost!

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