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EFT: Arena Kits Presets Farm
€ 10
EFT: Arena Roubles farm
€ 18,50
EFT: Arena K/D Boost
€ 10,50

EFT Arena Farming Services

Escape from Tarkov: Arena takes you deep into the heart of Tarkov's most intense battlegrounds. We are here to ensure you're equipped to face any challenge game throws at you.

Boosts We Offer

  • Arena Wins Boost: Achieve any number of wins with options for piloted or self-play, ensuring you climb the ranks fast and efficiently.
  • Arena Rating Boost: Target your desired rating with precision, with the flexibility of self-play to keep you in control.
  • Rent a Booster: Partner with a pro, dominate the arena, and maximize your rewards. It's the ultimate way to enhance your gameplay.
  • Arena Coaching: Elevate your performance with expert assistance, sharpening your skills for the battles ahead.
  • Arena K/D Boost: Secure a fixed minimum K/D per game, boosting your PMC skills and rank within the arena.

Why Gamers Choose Us

  • Time Efficiency: Bypass the grind and dive straight into high-stakes action, saving precious gaming hours.
  • Expertise on Demand: Our professional boosters are veterans of Tarkov, equipped with the tactics and knowledge to navigate the arena's challenges.
  • Maximized Rewards: Top-tier gear and exclusive rewards, our services are designed to elevate your arsenal and in-game status.


Escape from Tarkov: Arena offers a unique blend of strategy, skill, and sheer survival instinct. With our boosting services, you're playing the game and mastering it. Let's elevate your game to the level of legend.

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