What happens after buying the service?

After you place any order on our site and commit the payable operation, our manager will contact you in Discord, Skype or Facebook within the period of 15 minutes after proof of the payment. Then our manager will explain you all particulars of the process and you discuss the boosting terms with him, further instructions will depend on the mode of boosting you choose, self-play of account sharing.

Why is account sharing cheaper than self-play? What is the difference?

Pilot version (or account sharing) is cheaper because it simplifies our job and cut your routine time. Your account is run by professional players, who do a great job of any challenge. Our players by account sharing observe all safety precautions, your safety and privacy is very important for us. Price difference is conditional on that is easier to do your order into your account, because explaining all details can pass time, whereas in contrast our team will do anything as fast as possible, so by the account sharing you save time and money. If you want to choose self-play version, you’ll play itself with our team. You’ll become involved in the process. Therefore, self-played version is little bit expensive. You have to choose on what you want.

When will the personal loot Raid run or VIP loot Raid run be started after I pay the service?

Master loot raids have no traders, so it can be started at any time, usually within half an hour. VIP master loot raids have up to ten traders. These raids are started within 2-3 days after the payment averagely. Both type of raids are run most commonly in the evening.

Timer guarantee. What is it?

Timer guarantee is an additional option on our site for Mythic+ dungeons, usually for +15 and higher. If you choose a boost with timer guarantee, it means that our team will make your order in the available time, but preparations sometimes can take up more time than run without timer guarantee. If you choose boosting with timer guarantee, your order can take a little more time for preparations, but you will have more rewards in the end!

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