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These Terms and Condition are an agreement between Reinwinboost.com (website) and you (as user). This Agreement sets general terms and conditions for your using of the website. There are age restrictions to use of this site, you must be a 13 years old, so, you accept by using of the website tacitly, that you are at least 13 years old.

We reserve the right to change any services offering by our site and service prices at any moment. As well as we reserved the right to cancel any your order or to limit number of orders you bought. If we make any restriction or change of your order or account on the website, we’ll notify you of this by any contact method, which you indicated in the registration form. You must pay all charges to your account in accordance with billing terms after you order will been confirmed. If your purchase may seem like a high-risk transaction, we can require you to provide us additional closet information for your identity authentication.

You have the right to cancel your order and ask for a full refund if our team didn’t set about the run. However, if we have made some for your order, you have the right to ask a partial refund only.

Sometimes the Website may contain information concerning offers, promotions or prices, with inaccuracies or literal errors. In case of any inaccuracies we reserve the right to change, update and correct any type of information concerning above mentioned. By visiting the Website, you give your consent for the contacting with by any method of communication, Live Chat, Discord, Skype or Facebook Messenger. We provide no undertaking, that any kind of our services will satisfy your requirements, concerning security, uninterrupted operations or authenticity of any information, we also make no warranty that result obtained from the use of the Service will answer your expectations. You acknowledge the fact that you have read this Agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions by using this Website.

Disclaimer of warranty

You agree that your usage of our Website and any kind of services provided on “as is” terms. We make no warranty that our Services will satisfy your requirements, as well as any kind of service will be error-free, secure or well-timed. We disclaim any warranty in regards to results that you may obtain from the use of our services. We also make no warranty as to reliability and accuracy of information that you can obtain through our Website.


You agree fully to indemnify and hold Reinwinboost and its members harmless against any liabilities, losses, damages or costs. That is included without limitation attorneys’ fees, that may occur in relation to any third-party claims or disputes brought against any of them arising out of your usage of our Website and its services or any willful wrongful act on your part

If you have any complaint, discontent or other question after the use of our Service, please, contact us through our customer service or via e-mail: sales@reinwinboost.com or in Discord channel: Reinewin#1210.


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