Refund Policy

Here you can take a look at our refund policy. Please note, any situation can be unique, and we’re always try to meet any customers’ demands and needs, this policy is like an insurance for both sides in case of any unexpected circumstances during services providing.

  • Terms and periods of refund processes or changing an order
    By ordering, you accept automatically with the agreement for indicated period of refund and/or change of paid services. Refund can last up to 14 days from your payment confirmation. In accordance to European law, ReinwinBoost grants to all its customers (also non-european) the right to receive a refund within 14 days if the service has not been started yet. All our customers have a right on full refund within 14 days in case if our team didn't start the process of doing your order. You can change your order for other service within 180 days, after this period, service changing will not be possible. If refund is asked due to unsatisfactory service because of any terms indicated in description to a purchased product but it was not read by a customer, we have the right to decline refund process in cash, in this case refund is possible in RB Coins only. Before any refund process, we must be sure, that a customer don’t want to change his/her ordered product into some other service. If we don’t receive any complaints concerning fulfillment of an order from the customer’s side within 14 days after it was completed, the refund is impossible after this period.

  • Cancellation of an order
    If you've ordered a wrong service or you rethought, and don't want to get an ordered service before fixed start time of more than 24 hours, in such situation, we'll find a better way, that will meet your demands or will make a refund.

    - If you want to cancel you order before the process of doing it has NOT began, or your order was NOT confirmed by a booster, you have a right on full refund. 
    - If you want to cancel you order after the process of doing it has began already, or your order was confirmed by a booster, you have a right on partial refund . If your order was confirmed by our booster, but we didn't start with the process, refund can be provided in the amount of 0 to 90% from your payment.
    A part of any refund sum is calculated in proportion to your order progress.

  • Guarantee Item refund specifics.
    Special item offers can be fully refunded only if your order was not started yet by the booster. In cases where 1 or more runs was done will be partial refund or no refund at all, depend on the work has been done. 
    If you get the item yourself (personal loot, coin, great vault chest or somehow), then this counts. The order is deemed completed, no refund is possible, work done. It is so, because group is always book you weekly in every raid, and also may book a traders for your loot.

  • If you've missed set time for your run without a message about any changes from your side, new run will not be booked again, and payment for missed run cannot be refunded. Booking a slot for you (with personal loot or with some loot traders for your class/specialization) means our team/guild can not add other customers on this time already, because this place was reserved for your character, so the team/guild will get a payment for this procedure.
    Please note, indicated time for start of doing your order can be changed, and/or slot booking can be cancelled, only in the case, if you inform us about your wish 24 hours before the start. Time fixed for your order can not be used for another order with the same service, so it's not possible to take any other customer at this time because it's booked for you. If you have some force-majeure circumstances, you can always share your account with our account-driver to make set run at an indicated time and to finish your order. Sometimes service provider can book a slot for you at another time with no additional cost. If service provider can book other slot for you, we'll offer you available variants in this case. If any of the variants doesn't suit you, the provider still have a right to get a payment for your booked slot or offer a replacement for some other service.

  • If we can not do your order by any reason from our side.
    If we can not do your order by any reason from our side, we'll make a full refund of your money or offer you other service with equivalent price. If you'll choose other product, that is at cheaper price, we'll return you price difference in corresponding amount of RB Coins on your account. Also, you have an opprtunity to choose any product that can be more expensive, in this case, you'll need to make additional payment for a price difference. 

  • PayPal refund specifics.
    When ordering through PayPal, the latter has its own internal rules that mark our transactions as ‘negative’ if fully refunded. However, a partial refund of 60% does not harm our ratio of positive and negative transactions. Therefore, in exceptional cases where we are not liable for a refund but the situation seems proper, you may be offered only a 60% cash refund and a 40% credit refund, in ReinwinBoost Coins (RBC). With this system the customer is not harmed in any shape or form as no money is lost but our PayPal ratio remains intact.

  • Bank Card refund specifics.
    When ordering through Bank Cards, the latter has its own internal rules that give about 7-10% fee for refund, if its was request after payment later than 24 hours. This fee take a customer, if refund request was innitiated from him by no valid reason.
    If the refund request was within 24 hours after payment done, then refund will be in full.

  • BitCoin refund specifics.
    We do not make BTC Refunds or somehow with other crypto, but you will be offered with RB Coins on your balance.

  • Skrill refund specifics.
    We do not make Skrill refunds, but you will be offered with RB Coins on your balance.

  • Account Balance refunds. 
    The customer always has the right to change service, even during its completion. In these circumstances, ReinwinBoost will issue an Account Balance Refund (i.e. ReinwinBoost Coins, 1 RBC = 1€). This shall also happen when the customer wants to stop his service even if ReinwinBoost is not obliged to offer a cash refund according to the hereby terms and conditions.

  • Sharing your account can lead to blocking.
    Locking an account does not oblige ReinwinBoost to issue a refund. If an account is banned for account sharing, ReinwinBoost is obliged to help and compensate for the problem, but a full refund is not possible. If the service has been partially completed, the remainder will be returned to the account balance (ReinwinBoost coins) on the website.

  • Service speed. Extra option what let you get your boosts faster.
    If your service went slower than the rough estimates, ReinwinBoost is obliged to compensate for this with discounts, bonuses or ReinwinBoost coins. Refunds for the service speed are not guaranteed, each case is taken into account and analyzed by the management. The logic behind this point is the unpredictable exact duration of long-term services.

  • In case of any questions concerning our refund policy, you can contact us in any convenient for you way, indicated in contacts.
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