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Top Builds Brawl Stars Poco Guide!
Top Builds Brawl Stars Poco Guide!

Top Builds Brawl Stars Poco Guide!

10.07 .2024
POCO BEST BUILD Poco possesses average health points and deals low damage, despite having a normal movement speed and a broad range of attacks. One of his strengths is his Super ability, which is highly beneficial as it can heal both himself and his allies within a significantly larger area than his regular attack range, even passing through obstacles. Additionally, his gadget "Tuning Fork" enables him to restore 740 health...


Poco possesses average health points and deals low damage, despite having a normal movement speed and a broad range of attacks. One of his strengths is his Super ability, which is highly beneficial as it can heal both himself and his allies within a significantly larger area than his regular attack range, even passing through obstacles. Additionally, his gadget "Tuning Fork" enables him to restore 740 health points per second to himself and nearby allies for a duration of 5 seconds. The gadget "Catharsis" has the function of eliminating all negative effects from allies and providing immunity to them within its radius for a duration of 4 seconds. Poco's Star Power "Da Capo!" allows him to heal allies for 962 health points within the vicinity of his primary attack. Furthermore, his Star Power "Encore" enhances Poco's Super ability, granting it a damage output of 1520 points.

When playing solo in ladder matches, Poco's most effective and adaptable setup consists of using the Screeching Solo Star Power and the Tuning Fork Gadget. The aggressive nature of the Screeching Solo Star Power can prove to be very advantageous, especially when dealing with less skilled teammates, as it allows Poco to deal increased damage and secure eliminations. The Tuning Fork Gadget is recommended for its healing capabilities, providing much-needed health to Poco or his team when necessary. In terms of Gear selection, opt for the Damage Gear on open maps to maximize damage output, and the Gadget Charge Gear at all other times to ensure availability of an additional healing Gadget.

TUNING FORKPoco Gadget 01

Poco and all nearby allies heals 740 health per seconds for 5 seconds

GADGET CHARGEGadget Charge Gear

Increases number of Gadget usages per battle by 1


Poco’s Super also hits enemies, dealing 1520 damage


DAMAGEDamage Gear

Deals 15% EXTRA DAMAGE when your brawler is below 50% health


Another intriguing build for Poco can be utilized effectively, particularly when playing as part of a team. The Da Capo Star Power proves to be powerful as it enables Poco to heal allies while simultaneously engaging with enemies. With a competent team, Poco can serve as a valuable support, with the Da Capo Star Power being most beneficial in Hotzone matches. The Protective Tunes Gadget is particularly impactful when facing enemy Brawlers with abilities that negatively impact the team, though it may be rendered redundant otherwise. Additionally, in bushy map scenarios, the Speed Gear may be a worthwhile alternative to the Damage Gear.


Removes active adverse effects from friendly Brawlers in a large area and gives a 4 seconds immunity


When Poco’s attack hits friendly Brawlers they now heal for 592 health

SPEEDSpeed Gear

Gain 15% SPEED INCREASE when moving in bushes

Important information about POCO:

  • Rarity:RARE
  • Class:SUPPORT
  • POCOs title: "El mariachi"
  • Personal description of POCO: "Poco believes in the miraculous power of music and loves his guitar so much that he doesn't stop playing for a minute. Even when he is very much asked."


  • HEALTH 7400 HP
  • MAX DMG 1520 

Characters that POCO opposes:

  1. Lou
  2. Byron
  3. Tara
  4. Sandy
  5. Spike

Characters who are not opposed:

  1. Jesse
  2. Emz
  3. Mortis
  4. Feng
  5. Cordelius

A precise guide for attack, super, gadgets, and star power:


Poco’s attack covers a very wide area, making it easy to hit multiple enemies simultaneously. Each attack inflicts 1520 damage, and you need to hit 5 enemies in total to charge your Super. Due to the wide reach of Poco’s attack, you can often hit 2 or 3 enemies at once, allowing you to charge your Super with just two attacks.


Poco’s Super has a larger area of effect compared to his regular attack. It can heal you and your teammates for 4200 HP. Ensure your teammates are within range to effectively heal them. Additionally, you can heal allies even if they are behind walls.

TUNING FORKPoco Gadget 01

Poco’s Tuning Fork Gadget offers another way to heal his allies. It heals Poco and his teammates for 740 health per second for 5 seconds, totaling 3700 HP. The Gadget's healing effect covers a small area around Poco, so ensure your allies are close by. To maximize its effectiveness, use it when both teammates are near you.


This Gadget clears all active negative effects from your allies and grants them a 4-second immunity to adverse effects. It can remove a wide range of negative effects, including poison, burning, stuns, and Lou’s freeze. It can even prevent Belle’s bolt from bouncing between teammates. With a very large area of effect, targeting allies is easy. This Gadget is highly effective against certain enemy Brawlers but may become useless if the opposing team lacks such abilities.


Poco’s attack now heals 962 HP to your teammates. With this Star Power, you can heal your teammates while attacking enemies. The advantage of this Star Power is that you can simultaneously heal allies and damage foes. Stay in the mid lane and position yourself behind your teammates to heal them as they engage enemies. Follow them if they charge forward. This Star Power makes Poco a powerful support, especially effective in Hot Zone.


Poco’s Super now damages enemies, dealing 1520 damage. This Star Power adds a more aggressive element to Poco’s gameplay. You can now both heal your allies and deal damage with your Super, making it valuable for finishing off enemies. Thanks to the Super's long and wide range, you can hit enemies even at a great distance or behind walls, making this Star Power highly effective for securing kills.



When using Poco’s Super with auto-aim, it won’t target your teammates for healing. Therefore, it's important not to panic and manually aim your Super toward your teammates to ensure they receive healing. Additionally, if you have the Screeching Solo Star Power, aim your Super carefully to both heal your teammates and damage enemies effectively.


Using the Protective Tunes Gadget allows you to counter Lou’s Hypercharge effectively. Activate the gadget when Lou is in Hypercharge mode and about to use his Super to avoid being frozen. This strategy is particularly effective against Lou. You can also apply this tactic to counter Frank’s or Bo’s Super moves.

Best and worst modes for POCO:

Best modes:

  • Brawl Ball

  • Gem Grab

  • Hot Zone

Worst modes:

  • Solo Showdown

  • Heist

  • Knockout

Here are all the skins for the character POCO:

  • Minstrel Poco(149 Gems)
  • Pirate Poco (79 Gems) currently unavailable
  • Poco Starr (Available at Tier 1 of the "Starr Park" season) unavailable
  • Thrasher Poco (149 Gems)
  • Silver Poco (10,000 Coins)
  • Golden Poco (25,000 Coins)
  • Desperado Poco (Available at Tier 1 of the "Robot Factory" season) or (149 Gems)
  • Video Poco (149 Gems)

Interesting facts about:

  • Style Poko is inspired by the Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead," where people dress up as skeletons with intricate face paintings.
  • Previously, there was a description page for Poko on Google Play, stating that he loves music that heals his team. However, his skeletal fingers playing the guitar can be intimidating to opponents. 
  • Poko is a member of a band with El Primo and Amber, performing on the stage known as "Poco's Stage."Bandstand-Environment
  • After losing fans due to conflicts with competitors, Poko is now trying to regain their support by seeking the perfect chord, although his competitors remain unidentified. 
  • Poko appears to be a popular figure in the Brawl Stars universe, perhaps explaining why Emz is such a big fan of his.Завод роботов 2
  • Although Poko is a guitarist, the shape of his guitar more closely resembles a banjo. 
  • References to Poko can be found in the "Beach" and "Robo Rumble" environments, where his guitars are showcased as decorations that do not disappear when playing as Poko.
  • Emz's smartphone still displays Poko's previous icon. 
  • There are subtle hints in the game and official art suggesting that Emz has feelings for Poko.Poco cctv
  • Poko starred in his own commercial "Sweet Melodies" alongside Sandy. 
  • Voice actor Darren Robak, who voiced Poko, also provided the voice for Toy Freddy in the Five Nights at Freddy's series. 
  • In earlier recordings, Poko can be seen before he became a skeleton, with his transformation explained as receiving a crystal from an invisible Leon while playing music.
  • Poko has the second lowest damage output for a single attack among all brawlers, with only Melody dealing less damage (excluding Colette's minimal damage). 
  • While Poko used to be classified as a "Healer," this class designation is no longer present. 
  • Poko is the first fighter whose Super icon differs from other fighters in the game information (along with Pam).
  • Poko, Pam, and Byron all share the ability to restore health through attacks, Supers, and gadgets, and they belong to the "Support" class in the game.

Conclusion on the POCO guide:

In conclusion, the guide on Poko provides a comprehensive overview of the character, including his background, abilities, relationships with other characters, gameplay details, and voice actor information. It sheds light on Poko's unique design inspired by the "Day of the Dead" festival, his role as a healer in matches, and his quest to win back fans after conflicts with competitors. The guide also delves into the intricacies of Poko's gameplay mechanics, his relationships with other characters like Emz, and his appearances in various environments and commercials. Overall, the guide offers valuable insights into Poko's character and his significance in the world of Brawl Stars. Additionally, the guide includes tips and strategies for players looking to improve their skills with Poko, such as how to effectively use his healing abilities, navigate his weaknesses, and capitalize on his strengths in team-based gameplay. It also touches on the community's reception to Poko, his popularity among players, and his impact on the overall Brawl Stars experience. Overall, the guide serves as a valuable resource for both new and experienced players interested in mastering the intricacies of playing as Poko in the game.


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