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Top Builds Brawl Stars Max Guide!
Top Builds Brawl Stars Max Guide!

Top Builds Brawl Stars Max Guide!

27.05 .2024
MAX BEST BUILD Max has medium-low health. Her key attribute is one of the highest movement speeds in the game and the ability to fire four bursts of 4 shots each, which reload rapidly. Each burst contains 4 bullets that travel a medium distance. Her Super boosts her speed and that of her teammates within a small radius for 4 seconds. Her first Gadget allows Max to dash forward, becoming...


Max has medium-low health. Her key attribute is one of the highest movement speeds in the game and the ability to fire four bursts of 4 shots each, which reload rapidly. Each burst contains 4 bullets that travel a medium distance. Her Super boosts her speed and that of her teammates within a small radius for 4 seconds. Her first Gadget allows Max to dash forward, becoming invulnerable to enemy damage during the dash, while her second Gadget enables her to heal by returning to a previously marked point. When Max is moving, her first Star Power, "Super Charged," lets her charge her Super without dealing damage to enemies, and her second Star Power, "Run and Gun," accelerates her main attack reload by 0.2 seconds.

Max’s optimal build includes the Phase Shifter Gadget and the Run N Gun Star Power. The Phase Shifter Gadget enhances her mobility and lets her absorb a hit, making it highly effective. The Run N Gun Star Power boosts her reload speed, enabling her to fire continuously and become a significant threat to opponents. Given the strength of the Phase Shifter Gadget, it's recommended to select the Gadget Charge Gear as your first Gear choice and the Damage Gear as your second.


Max dashes forward, and becomes immune to all damage from enemies while dashing

GADGET CHARGEGadget Charge Gear

Increases number of Gadget usages per battle by 1

RUN N GUNMax Star Power 02

Max reloads faster while moving

DAMAGEDamage Gear

Deals 15% EXTRA DAMAGE when your brawler is below 50% health


Because the Sneaky Sneakers Gadget can be tricky to use effectively and may sometimes lead to unintended actions, it's best to always use the Phase Shifter Gadget. While the Super Charged Star Power can be helpful when you’re close to having your Super and can occasionally make a difference, the Run N Gun Star Power is much stronger overall. For Gear, the Shield Gear is a good choice for added survivability. The Health Gear is also beneficial as it helps you get back into the battle more quickly, making you more of a nuisance to your opponents.


Max blinks back to a place of her choosing after 3 seconds’ delay, recovering any damage she received in the meantime


Max now charges her Super while moving

SHIELDShield Gear

Gain extra 900 HEALTH as a consumable shield. The shield regenerates in 10 seconds, when at full health


RECOVER HEALTH 50% more effectively


Max throws an energy drink to each team member, increasing their movement speed and granting the 25% Super charge

  • SPEED +24%

  • DAMAGE +25%

  • SHIELD +5%

Important information about MAX:

  • Rarity:MYTHIC
  • Class:SUPPORT
  • MAX’s title: "I AM SPEED!"
  • Personal description of MAX: "Max is fueled by energy drinks. She’s always the first to rush to help someone in trouble... but often speeds past them in the process."


  • HEALTH 6600 HP
  • MAX DMG 4 X 640

Characters that MAX opposes:

  1. Brock

  2. Dynamike

  3. Piper

  4. Nani

  5. Tick

Characters who are not opposed:

  1. Poco

  2. Lola

  3. Pam

  4. Amber

  5. Spike

A precise guide for attack, super, hypercharge, gadgets, and star power:


Max fires 4 projectiles, each dealing 640 damage, for a total of 2560 damage. Due to Max's rapid reload speed, you can continuously spam attacks to maximize damage output. When you need to inflict a significant amount of damage and are close enough to your enemies, you can use auto-aim to quickly utilize all your ammo.


Max’s Super is a potion that boosts her and her nearby allies' movement speed for 4 seconds. To get the most out of your Super, try to activate it when you're close to your teammates. However, your teammates don’t have to be right next to you when you use your Super—you can activate it and then move towards them to grant them the speed boost.


Макс Hypercharge

Max tosses an energy drink to each of her teammates, boosting their movement speed and granting them a 25% charge towards their Super. Additionally, Max herself receives a 24% speed increase, 25% damage boost, and 5% shield boost.


Max swiftly dashes forward, rendering herself impervious to enemy attacks. This gadget not only expands her movement options but also grants her invulnerability. With precise timing, you can evade a potentially fatal shot from an opponent, turning the tide of battle in your favor.


Max places a marker on the ground and teleports back to it after 3 seconds, regaining any lost health. This gadget is best utilized from a secure location, allowing you to engage enemies and retreat to safety when your health is low. However, exercise caution as this gadget does not provide invincibility, and being overly aggressive can still result in defeat.



Max can now accumulate Super charge while in motion. Although the charge rate is sluggish, taking approximately one minute to fully charge without engaging enemies, it can still be a game-changer in critical moments. This slow charge rate may not seem significant, but it can prove invaluable when on the brink of obtaining your Super and facing elusive opponents.

RUN N GUNMax Star Power 01

Max now benefits from quicker reloading while on the move. This Star Power greatly enhances Max's effectiveness as she is constantly in motion, resulting in increased damage output. With this enhancement, you can adopt a more aggressive playstyle, taking advantage of the faster reload speed to maintain sustained pressure on your opponents.



When utilizing the Phase Shifter Gadget, you have the option to evade a potentially fatal shot by activating it. Alternatively, you can employ it in a direct path and absorb the incoming shot since this Gadget renders you invulnerable for a brief duration.

Best and worst modes for MAX:

Best modes:

  • Gem Grab 

  • Knockout 

  • Brawl Ball

Worst modes:

  • Duo Showdown

  • Heist

  • Knockout

Here are all the skins for the character MAX:

  • GT Max (29 Gems)

  • Streetwear Max (79 Gems)

  • Max CONY (149 Gems)

  • Max-Hermes (79 Gems)

  • Silver Max (10,000 Coins)

  • Golden Max (25,000 Coins)

  • Leopard Max (79 Gems)

  • Panther Max (29 Gems after purchasing the Leopard Max skin)

Interesting facts about:

  • Max is a member of the same crew as Colt and Surge, and they frequent a place known as the "Arcade."Суперсити-Тема
  • In Europe, the name Max is more commonly associated with females. As the Supercell team hails from a European country (Finland), Max is portrayed as a girl.
  • However, some players from Russian-speaking countries were perplexed and questioned why she was given a name traditionally associated with males, as "Max" is masculine in their language. 
  • Max's full name is Maxine, and in some languages, her full name is used in her title. 
  • In the "Summer of Monsters" animation, Max is depicted as a "hero of Supercity." She is also seen alongside Colt in the Assault on Supercity, and in Supercity itself, there is a building bearing the Max logo on the banner of cards featuring the same environment. This suggests that she resides in Supercity and is quite renowned there. Суперсити здание Макс

  • In the Summer 2020 update animation, Max, along with Colt, battles against "Bea's Megamonster," "Jacky's Ultradriller," and "Tick's Crab."
  • There are indications of a friendly relationship between Max and Colt. In the Arcade environment, near Colt's residence, there are Max energy drinks. Additionally, in the third part of the animated series "Who Stole the Trophy," they engage in a secret game alongside 8-BIT. Colt also has a superhero skin called "Super Ranger Colt." In the video "Starr Park: Invest in the Future," it is apparent that the "Supercity" and "Arcade" locations are adjacent to each other. 
  • However, on the "fighter relationships" board, they are not linked to Colette in any manner. 
  • After using her Super, Max discards an energy drink can, suggesting that she does not consume it entirely. 
  • Based on animations and official concept art, Max and Colt are portrayed as best friends.
  • However, as mentioned in Brawl Talk, Max does not have the best relationship with Meg. Max believes Meg is not mature enough for heroic acts, but Meg continues to rush into battle regardless.
  • Advertisements for Max and her energy drinks can be spotted on maps featuring the "Arcade," "Mortis's Morgue," and "Supers Stadium" environments.
  • On the "Supers Stadium" map in Brawl Ball, "GT Max" energy drinks can be found in the large crate in the middle on the left, with an advertisement for "GT Max" at the bottom. Снимок экрана (21656)

  • Previously, Max was classified as a "Warrior," but this was later changed to "Support." 
  • In another Supercell game, Squad Busters, Max is of epic rarity.
  • Max is the second mythical female character, following Tara, with Willow being the third.

Conclusion on the MAX guide:

In conclusion, Max is a versatile brawler with medium-low health but exceptional speed and damage potential. Her ability to fire multiple projectiles rapidly and her fast reload speed make her a formidable opponent in battles. Max's Super provides a significant boost to her and her teammates' movement speed, offering strategic advantages in both offense and defense. When choosing Gadgets and Star Powers for Max, players should consider their preferred playstyle and the dynamics of the game mode. The Phase Shifter Gadget is a reliable choice for dodging enemy attacks, while the Run N Gun Star Power enhances Max's DPS by allowing her to reload faster while moving.Max's role as a support brawler is further emphasized by her ability to charge her Super while moving, offering tactical flexibility on the battlefield.Overall, mastering Max's mobility and damage output is key to unleashing her full potential and dominating matches. With the right strategy and teamwork, Max can be a valuable asset to any team composition.


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