Top Builds Brawl Stars Colt Guide!
Top Builds Brawl Stars Colt Guide!

Top Builds Brawl Stars Colt Guide!

04.04 .2024
COLT BEST BUILD The choice of Colt's Star Power largely hinges on the specific map and the composition of the enemy team. In regular gameplay, opting for the Magnum Special is advisable as it offers greater versatility. This Star Power facilitates easier hits and can negate the range advantage of certain snipers, thereby simplifying confrontations with them. It proves particularly effective in passive game modes and when facing off against...


The choice of Colt's Star Power largely hinges on the specific map and the composition of the enemy team. In regular gameplay, opting for the Magnum Special is advisable as it offers greater versatility. This Star Power facilitates easier hits and can negate the range advantage of certain snipers, thereby simplifying confrontations with them. It proves particularly effective in passive game modes and when facing off against long-range Brawlers. The Speedloader Gadget boasts significant strength and utility across all game modes, with a particular emphasis on its effectiveness in Heist. In other modes, it remains invaluable for exerting pressure on adversaries and sustaining combat engagements. As for gear choices, the most optimal selections are consistently the Damage gear and the Reload Speed gear, as they enhance Colt's ability to inflict maximum damage.

Colt possesses modest health, average mobility, and reload speed, yet boasts an extensive attack range with formidable damage output. His primary attack unleashes a linear onslaught of 6 bullets, while his Super mirrors this but with a volley of 12 bullets capable of piercing through foes and obstacles alike. Mastery of Colt demands adept aiming skills due to his precision-oriented playstyle. His initial Star Power amplifies his mobility, whereas the second augments his attack range and bullet velocity. Additionally, his gadgets offer the utility of either replenishing ammunition or transforming his primary attack from a rapid barrage into a single, potent projectile.


Colt instantly reloads 2 ammo.


15% faster RELOAD

MAGNUM SPECIALColt Star Power 02

Colt’s attack range and bullet speed are increased by 11%.

DAMAGEDamage Gear

Deals 15% EXTRA DAMAGE when your brawler is below 50% health


The Slick Boots Star Power presents a viable choice, particularly when contending with mid and short-range Brawlers or navigating enclosed maps. It facilitates evasion, pursuit, and evasion of adversaries with greater ease, albeit proving less effective against snipers. The Silver Bullet Gadget also stands out as a highly advantageous option, particularly in ranked matches. If your team boasts superior range compared to the opposition, this gadget enables you to dismantle barriers without expending a Super. Its potency shines in confined maps and Brawlball scenarios, where it can swiftly breach the enemy goal at the onset of the match. In select matchups, experimenting with the Gadget Charge gear instead of the Reload Speed gear may be worthwhile, especially on highly confined maps featuring the Silver Bullet gadget. However, it's important to note that this alternative setup is inferior to the Reload Speed and Damage Gear configurations.


Colt’s next attack is a powerful shot that deals as much damage as 2 of his regular bullets, while going through obstacles and opponents alike.

SLICK BOOTSColt Star Power 01

Colt’s movement speed is increased by 13%.

GADGET CHARGEGadget Charge Gear

Increases number of Gadget usages per battle by 1


Bullet Storm is 120% wider.

  • SPEED +26%

  • DAMAGE +25%

  • SHIELD +5%

Important information about Colt:

  1.  Rarity: Rare
  2.  Class: Damage Dealer
  3.  Colette’s title: "The Pretty"
  4.  Personal description of Colt: ""Colt is the true star of Starr Park! His style, charm, and gun tricks will conquer anyone (except Shelly).""


  • HEALTH 5600 HP
  •  MAX DMG 4320
  •  MAX SUPER DMG 7680

Characters that Colt opposes:

  1. Lou

  2. 8-Bit

  3.  Rico

  4. Meg

  5. Eva

Characters who are not opposed:

  1. Leon

  2.  Piper

  3.  Nani

  4.  Mandy

  5.  Gas

A precise guide for attack, super, hypercharge, gadgets, and star power:


Colt fires six bullets from his revolvers, each inflicting 720 damage (totaling 4320 damage for all six bullets). With an exceptionally long range for a Damage Dealer, Colt becomes incredibly potent when opponents fail to evade his bullets. While hitting all six bullets from a single attack is rare, precise aiming allows Colt to eliminate most Brawlers in just 2 or 3 attacks.


Colt becomes significantly more lethal, firing 12 bullets instead of his usual 6, with increased range and the ability to penetrate through enemies and walls. However, each bullet deals slightly less damage at 640, compared to his standard bullet damage. Colt can rapidly charge his Super, particularly when hitting multiple enemies with the same Super. In enclosed maps, aim to utilize his Super to hit enemies and break down walls simultaneously whenever feasible.

DUAL WIELDINGColt Hypercharge

After activation, Colt receives a 26% increase in speed, a 25% boost in damage, and a 5% shield. Additionally, the bullets fired from his Super become 120% wider, making them extremely difficult for enemies to evade. While this Hypercharge is effective, it's important to note that the shield is relatively weak. Therefore, even when Hypercharged, it's not advisable to play aggressively when low on HP.



Colt instantly regains 2 ammo upon activation of this Gadget. It proves highly effective, particularly in 1v1 scenarios. When facing a shortage of ammo, enemies often approach, presenting an opportunity to surprise them and secure a kill using the Gadget. It is particularly effective against high HP Brawlers. In Heist mode, utilize it while attacking the safe to amplify the damage dealt.


Colt fires a powerful mega bullet inflicting 1440 damage and obliterating walls. This Gadget serves two primary purposes: breaking down walls when your team has superior range or eliminating an enemy concealed behind cover. Keep in mind that this Gadget consumes one ammo as it counts as an attack. Its effectiveness is particularly pronounced in confined maps.

SLICK BOOTSColt Star Power 01

With a 13% increase in movement speed, Colt becomes one of the swiftest Brawlers available, making dodging significantly easier. Additionally, maintaining distance from Brawlers you out range becomes effortless, rendering it highly effective against aggressive opponents or in Showdown matches.

MAGNUM SPECIALColt Star Power 02

Colt's attack range and bullet speed receive an 11% boost with this Star Power. It's consistently a strong choice because of the significant range increase, making it difficult for several snipers to out range Colt anymore, thus making those matchups considerably easier. Additionally, the enhanced bullet speed makes it challenging for enemies to evade your shots. This Star Power is instrumental in making Colt competitive even against tough opponents.



In Brawl Ball, if you possess the ball and your Super, you can fire at the wall from the enemy's goal and promptly deploy your Super (or the Silver Bullet) to demolish it. This maneuver typically results in scoring a goal unless the opponents are familiar with this tactic, although they will still sustain damage from your Super while attempting to retrieve the ball.


If you can anticipate the movements of your enemies, you can attempt to align your movement with theirs while firing. If they fail to react swiftly, you will successfully land all 6 bullets.

Best and worst modes for Colt :

Best modes:

  • Heist

  • Brawl Ball

  • Hot Zone

Worst modes:

  • Solo Showdown

  •  Duo Showdown

  •  Knockout

Win statistics:

  1.  Heist — 51.7%;
  2.  Siege — 46.4%;
  3.  Solo Showdown — 45.4%;
  4.  Gem Grab — 45.4%;
  5.  Brawl Ball — 44.5%;
  6.  Bounty — 42.8%;
  7.  Hot Zone — 41.8%;
  8.  Duo Showdown — 37.5%.

Here are all the skins for the character Colt:

  • Rock Star Colt
  • Guard Colt 
  • Corsair Colt
  • Bandit Colt 
  • Duelist Colt 
  • Gunslinger Colt 
  • Colt Athletico Nacional 
  • Handsome Colt 
  • Shark Colt
  • Banana Colt 
  • Dark Angel Colt 
  • Mech Colt

Interesting facts about Colt:

  • Colt is part of a gang with Shelly and Spike. Their environment is "Rico's Range."
  • Returning to Rico's Theme
  • Colt assumes the role of a sheriff, a position commonly associated with the United States and England, suggesting his likely American descent based on his accent.
  • Colt is named in honor of Captain Colt, the inventor of the "Colt Revolver," which he wields, thus lending his name to the weapon.
  • Within the game files, Colt is identified by the codename "Gunslinger."
  • Blue is Colt's preferred color.
  • Colt shares a friendship with Shelly.
  • Colt's culinary preference leans towards peanut butter and crustless sandwiches.
  • Colt takes pride in his appearance, indulging in self-care routines such as crafting various face masks and meticulously styling his hair.
  • Colt features prominently in promotional material, including cereal commercials.
  • Despite Shelly's role as the initial brawler, Colt takes center stage in the game's official animations, akin to characters like the Barbarian from Clash of Clans and the King from Clash Royale, according to former game designer Paul, who regarded Colt as his inaugural creation.
  • Colt's cereal advertisements are visible on the newly introduced maps like "Arcade" and "Stadium," with his name displayed on gaming machines. Additionally, Stu references these advertisements in his dialogues.
  • During one of Paul's interviews discussing collaboration with Line Friends, a background slideshow showcases official character sketches, including an image portraying Colt and Piper in a nearly kissing pose, along with Shelly in an assertive stance at a doorway.
  • An official post features an image of Colt holding currency adorned with crystals, humorously referencing the "Shut up and take my money!" meme from "Futurama," where Colt emulates Philip J. Fry, a central character from the series.
  • The revolver wielded by Colt likely resembles the Colt Cobra model.
  • Despite speculation, Colt's relation to Jessie as a sibling is refuted by former game designer Paul Chambers.

Conclusion on the Colt guide:

  1. In conclusion, Colt stands out as a versatile and formidable brawler in Brawl Stars. With his long-range attacks and swift mobility, he excels in both offensive and defensive roles across various game modes. His ability to deal high damage and break through obstacles makes him a valuable asset to any team.
  2. When choosing Star Powers and Gadgets for Colt, it's essential to consider the specific game mode and team composition. Whether opting for increased mobility, enhanced attack range, or ammo regeneration, Colt's abilities can be tailored to suit different strategies and playstyles.
  3. Furthermore, understanding Colt's strengths and weaknesses is crucial for maximizing his potential on the battlefield. While his long-range attacks offer significant advantages, his relatively low health requires careful positioning and awareness to avoid being overwhelmed by opponents. 
  4. Overall, mastering Colt's mechanics and honing your aiming skills can lead to rewarding victories and contribute to your success in Brawl Stars. With the right strategy and practice, Colt proves to be a formidable force in the arena.


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