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Top Builds Brawl Stars Bea Guide!
Top Builds Brawl Stars Bea Guide!

Top Builds Brawl Stars Bea Guide!

10.06 .2024
BEA BEST BUILD She has normal movement speed, very low health, and high damage potential (her attack can deal either very high or negligible damage). When using her Super, Bea releases a swarm of bees that slow down enemies. Her advantage is that if her first shot hits an enemy, her next shot will deal significantly more damage. With her first Star Power, if she misses her Super attack, she...


She has normal movement speed, very low health, and high damage potential (her attack can deal either very high or negligible damage). When using her Super, Bea releases a swarm of bees that slow down enemies. Her advantage is that if her first shot hits an enemy, her next shot will deal significantly more damage. With her first Star Power, if she misses her Super attack, she can use it again immediately without hitting another enemy. Her second Star Power grants her a 20% shield when her Super is charged. Using the "Honey Molasses" gadget, Bea deploys a slowing station, while the "Rattled Hive" gadget releases three damaging bees.

Bea is a powerful marksman who can deal significant damage at close range. The Honeycomb Star Power is the best choice as it makes Bea more versatile and tanky, allowing her to get closer to finish off enemies. The Rattled Hive gadget is useful for pressuring or finishing off hiding enemies. The Damage Gear is essential as a first gear choice, and the Shield Gear is an excellent second gear option.


Bea unleashes 4 angry bees that circle away from her, dealing more damage the further they go (up to 1200 damage)

DAMAGEDamage Gear

Deals 15% EXTRA DAMAGE when your brawler is below 50% health

HONEYCOMBBea Star Power 02

Bea receives a 30% shield while Big Sting is Supercharged

SHIELDShield Gear

Gain extra 900 HEALTH as a consumable shield. The shield regenerates in 10 seconds, when at full health


The Insta Beaload Star Power is useful if you frequently miss Bea’s Supercharged attacks, but it is not the optimal Star Power choice. The Honey Molasses Gadget is effective when placed behind a wall, especially if the opposing team lacks throwers. This Gadget provides an interesting gameplay option in Brawl Ball or more passive game modes. Additionally, you can opt for the Gadget Charge Gear if you prefer having an extra Gadget, but remember that the Damage and Shield Gear are very strong for Bea.


Bea drops a beehive with a splash of sticky honey around it. The honey slows down enemies that step in it

INSTA BEALOADBea Star Power 01

Instantly Supercharge Bea’s Big Sting one time if she misses a Supercharged shot

GADGET CHARGEGadget Charge Gear

Increases number of Gadget usages per battle by 1

Important information about BEA:

  • Rarity:EPIC
  • Class:MARKSMAN
  • BEA’s title: "Queen"
  • Personal description of BEA: "Bea spends her days observing various bugs, imagining how cool it would be to understand their language.. or even be one of them."


  • HEALTH 5000 HP
  • MAX DMG 4000
  • MAX SUPER DMG 7 X 200
  • SUPER REFILLS 1% - 20%

Characters that BEA opposes:

  1. Emz
  2. Bo
  3. Griff
  4. Spike
  5. Chester

Characters who are not opposed:

  1. Piper
  2. Belle
  3. Nani
  4. Grom
  5. Sprout

A precise guide for attack, super, gadgets, and star power:


Bea fires a long-range shot that supercharges her next shot if it hits an enemy. The basic attack deals 1600 damage, while the supercharged attack deals 4000 damage. Bea doesn't receive a supercharged attack when hitting an object or a pet. She has only one ammo that reloads quickly, so it's best to spam her basic attacks. When her attack is supercharged, ensure you use it effectively.


Bea releases 7 drones that spread out and slow down enemies. This Super can easily target enemies behind walls, making them very vulnerable once they're slowed down.


Bea deploys a beehive surrounded by a sticky honey splash. The beehive has 1000 HP and loses 30 HP every second. If the enemies don't hit the beehive, it will be destroyed after 34 seconds. By placing this Gadget behind a wall, you can flank your enemies more easily. Additionally, you can use it to assist your teammates in cornering an enemy.


Bea releases 4 bees that orbit around her, moving outward in a circular path. The damage they inflict increases the farther they travel, reaching a maximum of 1200 damage each. The bees complete nearly two full circles before dissipating upon hitting a target. Maneuver strategically to direct the bees towards your hidden enemies and secure the takedown.

INSTA BEALOADBea Star Power 01

This Star Power enables Bea to gain a second Supercharged attack if her first one misses. While valuable for players still mastering Bea's gameplay, its usefulness diminishes once you consistently land most of your Supercharged attacks.

HONEYCOMBBea Star Power 02

When Bea's Supercharged attack is active, she gains a 30% shield. Utilize it to absorb some damage and approach your enemies, aiming to land your Supercharged attack for a decisive takedown.



When your opponent is affected by your Super's slow, feel free to auto-fire your attack, ensuring you never miss.


When enemies are hiding behind walls, you can easily hit them if you use your Super in the right direction.

Best and worst modes for BEA:

Best modes:

  • Gem Grab

  • Knockout

  • Bounty

Worst modes:

  • Duo Showdown

  • Heist 

  • Solo Showdown

Here are all the skins for the character BEA:

  • Ladybug Bea (29 Gems)
  • Megabeetle Bea (149 Gems)
  • Neko Bea (79 Gems)
  • Golden Neko Bea (149 Gems)
  • Archibug Bea (79 Gems)
  • Silver Bea (10000 Coins)
  • Golden Bea (25000 Coins)
  • Cyber Bea (79 Gems)

Interesting facts about:

  • Bea, an entomologist, is allied with Rosa and Sprout in the same gang, known as the "Biome Dome."


  • Bea, Mortis, Gene, and Max are more inclined to use puns compared to other characters. 
  • Bea falls into the category of brawlers representing animals, a group that includes Mr. P, Leon, Nita, Bo, and Buzz.
  • Bea's icon features a more pointed nose.
  • Following the March 2020 update, a bee began flying near Bea's model on the main screen. Subsequently, after the April update of the same year, players could spin this bee alongside Bea.
  • Bea is the first fighter to have a companion flying around on the character selection screen, with Nani being the second.
  • Some mistakenly refer to her as Bia, Bey, or Bee instead of Bea, perhaps due to her name being derived from "Bee."
  • Bea is the second fighter to exhibit signs of distress when defeated, after El Primo, followed by Jessie, Griff, and Meg. 
  • The Archibug Bea skin may pay homage to Bendy from the game "Bendy and the Ink Machine."
  • With the Archibug Bea skin, Bea's character model is predominantly black and white, similar to Crow.
  • In Supercell's Squad Busters game, Bea is classified as a rare character.
  • Gameplay-wise, Bea is the second brawler to have only one ammo slot, following Carl, then Amber, Bonnie (as Clyde), and Charlie.
  • As a result, when Bea kicks the ball in Brawl Ball, she does not consume an ammo slot. 
  • Unlike Carl, Bea's reload speed remains consistent. 
  • Players can discern when Bea has a supercharged attack by observing her companion bee, which emits sparks and flashes blue, or red if Bea is an enemy. Regular attacks do not trigger any visual effects. The bee disappears after the Super is used, serving as a potential deceptive tactic, though this won't work if Bea has the second Star Power, as the shield provided by the supercharge is visible to all players, indicating an epic attack. This also applies to Bibi's bat during a home run.
  • One of Bea's prototypes included a hidden fighter with homing attacks. 
  • When initially introduced, Bea was classified as a "Sniper," but her class was later changed to "Sharpshooter," a transition similar to Piper's evolution to "Destroyer."
  • Bea is one of several brawlers whose Star Power underwent revision, joining the ranks of 8-Bit, Gale, Gene, Poco, Mortis, Darryl, and Mr. P.
  • Previously, her second Star Power was known as "Honey Coat," granting her temporary invulnerability with 1 health point if nearly defeated.
  • Mechanically, Bea stands in contrast to Max, both introduced in the same update. While Bea has one projectile, Max possesses four. Furthermore, Bea's Super slows down enemies, whereas Max's speeds up allies. Similar dynamics exist between Edgar and Byron, introduced in the December 2020 update, and Fang and Thunder, added in December 2021.
  • Among all epic brawlers, Bea, alongside Piper, boasts the lowest health.

Conclusion on the BEA guide:

In conclusion, Bea is a unique and versatile brawler in Brawl Stars. As an entomologist, she brings a distinctive flair to the battlefield and offers a range of strategic options for players. Her long-range attacks and supercharged shots make her a formidable opponent, capable of dealing significant damage to enemies. Additionally, her Super ability to deploy drones that slow down enemies adds another layer of crowd control to her kit.When playing as Bea, it's essential to capitalize on her strengths, such as her ability to target enemies behind walls and her precise aiming mechanics. Utilizing her Super effectively to control the pace of the game and disrupt enemy movements can turn the tide of battle in your favor.Overall, Bea is a valuable addition to any team composition, offering both offensive firepower and crowd control capabilities. With practice and strategic thinking, players can maximize Bea's potential and dominate the battlefield.


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