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Top Builds Brawl Stars Buzz Guide!
Top Builds Brawl Stars Buzz Guide!

Top Builds Brawl Stars Buzz Guide!

06.04 .2024
BUZZ BEST BUILD Buzz possesses a health pool ranging from moderate to high and inflicts significant damage. His primary attack unleashes sound waves from a whistle, reaching a short distance. Using his Super ability, Buzz hurls a float towards either a wall or an enemy, subsequently pulling himself towards the float and stunning nearby enemies in a limited area. Buzz accumulates charge for his Super when an enemy is positioned...


Buzz possesses a health pool ranging from moderate to high and inflicts significant damage. His primary attack unleashes sound waves from a whistle, reaching a short distance. Using his Super ability, Buzz hurls a float towards either a wall or an enemy, subsequently pulling himself towards the float and stunning nearby enemies in a limited area. Buzz accumulates charge for his Super when an enemy is positioned at the appropriate distance from him. Utilizing his first Gadget, he can instantly charge his Super, albeit without stunning enemies. The second gadget grants him the ability to detect brawlers concealed within bushes within the radius of Super charging. Additionally, the first Star Power prolongs the stun duration, while the second expands the radius of Super charging.

Eyes Sharp stands out as the optimal Star Power for Buzz. With its expanded charging area, Buzz can more effectively accumulate Super charge, making it challenging for enemies to evade his reach. This enhancement significantly boosts his effectiveness, even on open maps. The Gadget Reserve Buoy complements his playstyle well, enabling more aggressive maneuvers and facilitating easier engagement with enemies, particularly those vulnerable to his attacks without the stun effect, such as throwers. The ability to generate free Supers proves invaluable in various scenarios, offering an additional means of escape when needed. As for gears, the Damage gear emerges as a potent choice, as Buzz requires substantial damage output to swiftly dispatch enemies before the stun effect wears off. Additionally, the Speed gear presents a viable option, particularly given Buzz's prevalence in bushy and enclosed maps, enhancing his maneuverability in such environments.

RESERVE BUOYBuzz Gadget 01

Instantly fills the Super meter, but the next Torpedo Throw doesn’t stun opponents.

DAMAGEDamage Gear

Deals 15% EXTRA DAMAGE when your brawler is below 50% health

EYES SHARPBuzz Star Power 02

Buzz’s Super charging area is increased by 33%.

SPEEDSpeed Gear

Gain 15% SPEED INCREASE when moving in bushes


The Tougher Torpedo Star Power can offer some utility, given Buzz's reliance on the stun effect of his Super to eliminate foes. However, the increase in duration is relatively minimal and may not match up to the effectiveness of other Star Powers. It could find use against tanky opponents, as it facilitates easier Super charging. The Gadget X-Ray-Shades tends to be underestimated but holds significant power, albeit with heavy reliance on map dynamics. Its extensive vision duration proves invaluable for seizing control of bushes, even when enemies are present, yet its efficacy is limited in open maps. Like many other assassins, the Shield gear proves beneficial for Buzz, particularly in passive game modes.

X-RAY-SHADESBuzz Gadget 02

Buzz can see into all bushes in his Super charging area for 12 seconds.


The minimum duration of Buzz’s Super stun is increased by 0.5 seconds.

SHIELDShield Gear

Gain extra 900 HEALTH as a consumable shield. The shield regenerates in 10 seconds, when at full health


Buzz’s torpedo can now be used again if he hits a wall.

  • SPEED +25%

  • DAMAGE +15%

  • SHIELD +15%

Important information about BUZZ:

  •  Rarity: MYTHIC
  •  Class: ASSASSIN
  •  Buzz’s title: "Born bad"
  •  Personal description of Buzz: ""Buzz works as a lifeguard at the water attractions of Velociraptor Park, ensuring compliance with rules so strictly that it borders on bouncer syndrome.""


  • HEALTH 9600 HP
  •  MAX DMG 4200
  •  TRAITS This Brawler charges Super from staying close to opposing Brawlers

Characters that BUZZ opposes:

  1.  Barley

  2.  Poco

  3. Dynamike

  4.  Brock

  5. Carl

Characters who are not opposed:

  1. El Primo

  2.  Bull

  3.  Jacky 

  4.  Gale

  5. Lou

A precise guide for attack, super, hypercharge,traits,gadgets, and star power:


Buzz emits 5 whistle blows with each attack, inflicting 840 damage per sound wave, totaling 4200 damage. The attack follows a clockwise arc. To maximize damage with each attack, you must be in close proximity to the enemy to ensure all 5 whistles hit. Buzz excels at dealing significant damage at close range, making him effective against brawlers with low DPS. Since Buzz's attack rotates clockwise, you'll need to rotate counterclockwise to optimize damage if you're not at very close range.


Buzz hurls his torpedo buoy, which can target an enemy Brawler, a pet, or a wall. However, if the buoy doesn't make contact with anything, Buzz remains stationary. Upon impact, enemies are stunned for a duration ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. The stun duration increases the farther Buzz travels with his Super. Buzz heavily depends on his Super as it enables him to reach and engage long-range Brawlers. Furthermore, he charges his Super rapidly, leaving no one safe when Buzz is around!


Buzz's Super charges when an enemy is within his charging area, represented by the large circle around him. While this area is visible to his allies, it remains concealed from enemies, allowing him to cycle Supers more rapidly. This characteristic forces enemies to keep their distance, limiting their ability to go on the offensive. Buzz can leverage walls to charge his Super by positioning himself behind them while enemies remain within range. With this trait, his Super charges in 15 seconds with one enemy in the charging area. If there are two enemies within his charging area, his Super charges twice as fast.


Upon activation, Buzz experiences a 25% increase in speed, a 15% boost in damage, and gains a 15% shield. Additionally, he regenerates his Super each time he strikes a wall. This Hypercharge ability proves highly effective, particularly in enclosed maps. By stunning nearby enemies against walls, Buzz can swiftly replenish his Super. The enhanced speed from Hypercharge allows him to traverse the entire map in mere seconds.

RESERVE BUOYBuzz Gadget 01

Buzz regenerates his Super with this Gadget, albeit without stunning enemies. This tool proves highly effective against snipers and throwers, who are less effective at close range. Buzz can utilize the Gadget to quickly close the gap and confront these Brawlers without relying on the stun effect. Additionally, it serves as a valuable escape tool and can be particularly advantageous in Brawl Ball, enabling Buzz to secure a Super and score.

X-RAY-SHADESBuzz Gadget 02

For the following 12 seconds, Buzz gains the ability to detect any enemies concealed within bushes within his charging area. When paired with the Eyes Sharp Star Power, this Gadget can significantly alter the game dynamics in maps with dense foliage, as it prevents enemies from hiding effectively. The extended duration of 12 seconds provides ample time to establish mid control if utilized strategically. A yellow bar located beneath the ammo indicator serves as a visual countdown, indicating the remaining duration of the Gadget.


The stun duration of Buzz's Super is extended by an additional 0.5 seconds with this Star Power. While particularly effective against tanks and high-damage dealers, Buzz's effectiveness with this Star Power diminishes in passive game modes. However, it retains its potency in close-range combat scenarios, where the doubled stun duration proves advantageous.

EYES SHARPBuzz Star Power 02

Buzz's Super charging radius is expanded by 33% with this Star Power. This enhancement proves exceptionally effective, as it restricts enemies' ability to evade the charging area, forcing them to confront Buzz if they wish to engage. This enables Buzz to rapidly cycle through Supers or impede enemies from securing mid control effectively.



When you possess your Super and are near the enemy goal with the ball, you can shoot forward, deploy your Super against a wall in the direction of the ball, and immediately activate the "Reserve Buoy" Gadget. This sequence grants you an additional Super to facilitate scoring more effortlessly! Alternatively, you can activate your Gadget while in possession of the ball to shoot with a Super.


When utilizing the Hypercharge, consistently deploy your Supers against a wall to instantly obtain another one and swiftly approach the enemies! This approach enables you to traverse the entire map in mere seconds and engage any opponent you desire.


When your Super is automatically charging, it indicates that an enemy is within your charging area. This allows you to discern whether bushes are occupied by enemies or not, even without directly observing them!

Best and worst modes for BUZZ:

Best modes:

  •  Heist

  • Brawl Ball

  • Solo Showdown

Worst modes:

  • Knockout

  •  Bounty

  • Gem Grab

Here are all the skins for the character BUZZ:

  •  Bad Buzz
  •  Director Buzz
  •  Silver Buzz
  •  Golden Buzz
  •  Buzzetta
  •  Kaiju Buzz
  •  Fenrir Buzz

Interesting facts about BUZZ :

  •  Buzz and Darryl belong to the same crew, frequenting the "Veloci-Raptoplaza."


  •    The theme of "Veloci-Raptoplaza" revolves around their hangout spot.
  •    While Buzz takes on the role of a lifeguard and supervisor at "Veloci-Raptoplaza," he's often seen as somewhat clumsy.
  •  Initially, Buzz was uniquely classified as a "Rescue Brawler." However, this classification was later changed to simply "Brawler," aligning with adjustments made to other fighters.
  •    The initial classification of Buzz as both a rescuer and a fighter simultaneously seemed to defy logical categorization.
  •  Notable stitches adorn Buzz's abdomen and forehead, hinting at the costume he wears. This detail is reinforced by phrases such as "Silly costume!" and "I blame the costume!"
  •  Buzz follows a line of fighters concealing their identities beneath costumes, joining the ranks of Mr. P, Griff, Ash, and Darryl.
  •  Buzz's physique bears resemblance to Spike, Spike, and Mr. P.
  •  While Buzz's regular model obscures his eyes, they become visible when his glasses are removed during the defeat animations of "Bad Buzz." Additionally, his eyes are apparent in icons and on the "Buzzetta" skin, which features transparent glasses.
  •  In a Halloween animation, Buzz undergoes a complete vocal transformation, courtesy of a different voice actor.
  •    Buzz joins Mortis as one of the few fighters whose animations are voiced by alternate actors.
  •  The canine companion featured in the "Bad Buzz" skin is likely a pug or an English bulldog.
  •  A Bad Randoms song implies a friendship or past association between Buzz and Mr. P.
  •  Gameplay: Buzz's Super ability mirrors the mechanism seen in Clash Royale's "Fisherman" card.
  •   Despite possessing a high movement speed of 770, Buzz isn't categorized as a "Tank" class fighter, unlike Sandy and Dynamike.
  •   Buzz stands among the fighters capable of stunning opponents, a list that includes Frank, Lou, Gale with the Star Power "Blustery
  • Blow," Bo with the Star Power "Trap Snare," Dynamike with the gadget "Fidget Spinner," Nita with the gadget "Bear Paws," Sandy with the gadget "Nap Time," Fang with the gadget "Spin Kick," Chester with the Super "Toothbreaker," and Macey with the gadget "Kickback."
  •    Buzz's Super shares similarities with Gina's Super but with an opposing effect.
  •   Following his release, Buzz went the longest period without balance adjustments, spanning 1 year, 2 months, and 10 days.
  •   Notably, when Buzz employs his Super, a subtle sound resembling a small explosion can be heard at its conclusion. However, if the gadget was used beforehand, this sound won't occur.
  •   If Buzz uses his Super on Bull, who is simultaneously activating his own Super, Buzz will remain unstunned.
  •   Buzz is the first fighter capable of remotely accumulating his Super near enemies, followed by Cordeilus.

Conclusion on the BUZZ guide:

In conclusion, Buzz is a unique addition to the Brawl Stars roster, offering a blend of rescuer and brawler elements. His affiliation with Darryl and their shared hangout spot at "Veloci-Raptoplaza" adds depth to his character. Buzz's evolution from being initially classified as a "Rescue Brawler" to simply a "Brawler" reflects adjustments made to align with logical categorization.

Noteworthy features of Buzz's appearance include stitches indicating his costume, along with his enigmatic persona concealed beneath it. Gameplay-wise, Buzz's Super ability, reminiscent of Clash Royale's "Fisherman" card, offers strategic advantages, while his stunning capabilities and high movement speed further diversify his combat style.

In addition to his unique traits, Buzz's voice variation in different animations and his lasting period without balance adjustments underscore his dynamic presence within the game. With a range of gadgets and star powers to enhance his abilities, Buzz proves to be a formidable force on the battlefield.

Overall, mastering Buzz requires strategic thinking and adaptability, making him a compelling choice for players seeking versatility and excitement in Brawl Stars.


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