Clear skies and rainbow bodies of water, today we will visit the Bastion and get the mounts that can be find there.

  The appearance of the mounts matches the location, so why not get a sky horse for example?

  To get Sundancer, you need to take part in the races in the Bastion, and upon successful completion, you will receive not only the mount, but also the achievement In the Hot Seat.
First of all, you need to get the Skystrider Glider. It can only be crafted by members of the Kyrian Covenant, however this item is not personal, so members of other covenants can buy it at the auction or from other players.
To create the Glider, you will need the following materials:
Elysian Feathers x8
Champion's Pelt x4
Calloused Bone x4
Nightforged Steel х2
You need to go to the southern part of the Bastion location at coordinates / way 60.0, 94.0 to the Dresel statue (Ancient memorial). By clicking on it, you will receive Sunrider's Blessing buff for 30 minutes and see Sundancer appear. After that, you need to go to point / way 61.37, 82.67 and wait for Sundancer to fly by. At this moment, you need to jump down, use Skystrider Glider, glide to the horse and sit on it (by clicking the mouse). If you succeed, an additional Soothe action button will appear on the panel, which you need to click as often as possible to calm the horse (while in the saddle, you will lose health and die if you do not press the button actively enough). Gradually, the unicorn will calm down and return with you to the Dresel statue. After that, you will receive the achievement In the Hot Seat. After Sundancer lands, you will need to click on him again and challenge him to battle. After the unicorn's health drops to 10%, he will agree to become your mount and you will finally get the mount.

  Another sky horse - Ascended Skymane. Drops from the chest that appears after defeating Ascended Council (/way 53.50 88.37). To summon them, you need to strike five vespers located throughout the Bastion. After hitting the first bell, you will have only 5 minutes to ring all 5 vespers, so you need at least 2-3 other players or you can do it with your alts. Vespers are available to all players, if someone hit the bell before you, it will be inactive. If you did not have time to squeeze everything in 5 minutes, they will disappear and appear again in 1-2 hours, all at the same time. After activating all the bells, a message will appear in the chat stating that rare mob will appear in a minute. It consists of five mobs, so you will need to put each champion with 150k hp to 15%, after which a chest will appear.
List of vespers:
/way 33.38 59.77 Vesper of Courage
/way 39.14 56.14 Anima Gateway (Vesper of Courage)
/way 71.87 38.87 Vesper of Humility
/way 69.37 40.34 Anima Gateway (Vesper of Humility)
/way 64.32 69.80 Vesper of Purity
/way 39.14 56.14 Anima Gateway (Vesper of Purity)
/way 39.13 20.40 Vesper of Wisdom
/way 41.66 23.35 Anima Gateway (Vesper of Wisdom)
/way 32.16 17.82 Vesper of Loyalty
Also as drop rate of this mount is not 100%, you might try several times to get it. Well, it was not so difficult but you were need help :)


  Actually, in Bastion only 3 mounts that can be obtained, but for the one of them, third one, you have to spend way more time to finding required items, then anywhere else.


  Silverwind Larion has a 100% chance to drop from the Vesper of the Silver Wind. To open it, you need to collect Crystal Mallet of Heralds and hit the bell next to the chest. And this is could be annoying, but you can choose another way - just put music on and go on tour on Bastion, enjoy the views.
 To get the Crystal Mallet of Heralds, you need to find all the missing Shard Labor (along the way, you will complete the Shards of Past Glory achievement) and bring them to Forgelite Hephaesius, who will create a hammer from them.
1 - 38.89 76.96 On the platform under the bridge, jump down from the cliff. (Vestibule of Eternity)
2 - 43.64 76.22 On the ledge, the route up the mountain from Aspirant's Rest. (Vestibule of Eternity)
3 - 48.42 72.73 On the arc, use glider from the cliff. (Aspirant's Rest)
4 - 52.67 75.53 On the ledge under the waterfall. (Bastion)
5 - 53.28 73.61 Underwater beneath the bridge (Purity's Reflection)
6 - 56.89 74.97 On the fountain, jump down the ledge (The Temple of Purity)
7 - 58.11 80.07 On top of the waterfall (Bastion)
8 - 55.96 86.66 On the ledge over the cave entrance (Chamber of First Reflection)
9 - 61.05 85.67 On the ledge under the cliff (Bastion)
10 - 65.52 71.97 Platform in the sky, behind the arc structure, use anima gateway (Purity's Pinnacle)
11 - 53.50 80.61 On top of the pillar, use glider Aspirant's Crucible
12 - 46.70 65.92 On top of the ruins (Agthia's Repose)
13 - 34.83 65.75 On the ledge (Cliffs of Respite)
14 - 40.05 59.12 On the building pillar Temple of Courage
15 - 38.52 53.27 On top of the ruins Temple of Courage
16 - 50.68 56.14 On the wooden structure (Garden of Respite)
17 - 54.04 59.69 Down the waterfall near the shrine (Bastion)
18 - 58.15 63.91 Under the stairs (The Walk of Recollection)
19 - 57.62 55.64 Under the tree (Bastion)
20 - 51.66 48.04 On Hero's Rest ledge path near stairs (Hero's Rest)
21 - 47.09 49.23 Under the platform with anima gateway (Bastion)
22 - 41.40 46.64 On the ledge (Garden of Edenia)
23 - 42.72 39.41 On top of the building (Kalliope's Rest)
24 - 42.81 33.23 On the ledge (Sagehaven)
25 - 44.95 28.47 On the ledge under the waterfall. (The Eonian Archives)
26 - 42.32 23.94 Ledge (Path of Wisdom)
27 - 46.70 18.04 Ledge, path starts south (Bastion)
28 - 52.41 9.35 In the cave under the shrine (The Eonian Archives)
29 - 56.20 17.33 On the ledge above the angel statue (Grace of the Remembered)
30 - 59.88 13.91 On the ledge under the cliff (Bastion)
31 - 56.73 28.85 On the table behind bottles. (Seat of Eternal Hymns)
32 - 65.25 42.88 On the book shelf (Terrace of Inner Grace)
33 - 72.39 40.29 Below the cliff (Bastion)
34 - 66.89 26.92 Under the platform near the cliff (Everdawn Commons)
35 - 57.57 38.31 At the end of Hall of Beasts (Hall of Beasts)
36 - 52.15 39.41 On top of the pillar (Firstborne's Bounty)
37 - 49.97 38.28 Under the bridge (Ithys' Basin)
38 - 48.55 34.88 On top of the pillar (Ithys' Basin)
39 - 37.15 24.65 Ledge above the waterfall (The Eonian Archives)
40 - 33.04 37.62 Ledge (Bastion)
41 - 31.01 27.45 Bottom of the lake (Bastion)
42 - 30.63 23.73 On top of the arch (Citadel of Loyalty)
43 - 26.19 22.68 Behind the anima barrels (Citadel of Loyalty)
44 - 24.66 22.99 On the pillar below gateway platform (Citadel of Loyalty)
45 - 24.38 18.22 On the book shelf behind Rector (Citadel of Loyalty)
46 - 52.50 88.60 The Final Toll, west side of the bell (The Necrotic Wake)
47 - 36.20 22.80 North of Fall of Courage, on the ledge (The Necrotic Wake)
48 - 46.60 53.10 Near Kin-Tara, left side of the fountain (Spires of Ascension)
49 - 69.40 38.70 Gardens of Repose behind the torch (Spires of Ascension)
50 - 49.80 46.90 Font of Fealty, ledge near the transport (Spires of Ascension)


 Well, we almost done with mount in open locations of Shadowlands. Will finish with Maldraxxus.