Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve is a legendary cloak that was added in Patch 8.3 and has 15 ranks. To get the Legendary cloak you need to complete intro questline, you will obtain it after completing quest “Beginning the Descent”, where you must talk with Wrathion.

It was created as Corruption Resistance that reduces total Corruption level so players can wear more Corruption gear. Another benefits, it slows speed of good sense loss in the Visions of N’Zoth, duration of stay in the Visions increases with the upgrading the Cloak level. Basic level is 470, players can upgrade the Cloak by completing repeated quests in the Horrific Visions. Basic rank is 1, maximum is rank 15, but the process of upgrading is not stopped. Players have to complete 3 quetlines from Wrathion (you have to find books and its lost pages).

Ranks 1-5: There is “Remnants of a Shattered World”, you must find The Curse of Stone and return it to Wrathion, the book you can obtain from the last boss in Horrific Visions. Then “Reconstructing the Curse of Stone” – you need to find Torn Page of “The Curse of Stone”, the quest must be completed three times.

Ranks 5-12: First quest is “Stepping through the Darkness” where you need to find Fear and Flash and return it to Wrathion. Then you will find Torn Page of Fear and Flash in the quest “Reconstructing Fear and Flash”, this quest must be done six times and with different number of pages, it depends on rank. Make a point that pages don’t prop from the main boss.

Ranks 12-15: You need to find The Final Truth in “Walking through the Darkness” return it to Wrathion, and then you have to find Torn Page of The Final Truth in “Reconstructing The Final Truth”. This quest is done two times, but there are enormous number of pages needed for the quest.

Rank 15 and over: Upgrading of the Legendary Cloak is caused by items that players loot from bosses in raids. When players with the Cloak of rank 15 kill N’Zoth in Normal, Heroic or Mythic mode, they receive an item, which increases the Corruption Resistance. This item is Malefic Core, one core increases the resistance by 3, maximum is 125.