Glory of the Ny’alotha Raider is an achievement in Ny’alotha, the Waking City. You can get it after completing 12 achievements listed below:

Smoke Test. You need to kill Wrathion, The Black Prince after defeating ten Crackling Shards with three seconds of each other. Fel Rush of Demon Hunters and Roll of monks will be great for completing of this achievement.

Mana Sponge. Your goal is to kill Maut after defeating a Forbidden Manifestation. You need to find third tank who will keep out Dark Manifestation of the boss in Devoured Abyss before the start of the second phase, it will facilitate access to the achievement.

Phase 3: Prophet. Requirement is to defeat the Prophet Skitra after killing three Disciples of the Prophet. You can find the Disciple at the end of hall before Skitra. First of all, you need to kill all enemies before the start of fighting with the Disciple. Using “Time Warp” helps you to defeat the Disciples faster.

Buzzer Beater. This achievement will be available after safely eliminating a Void Orb with less than three seconds remaining on Voidwoken 3 times, then you must to defeat Dark Inquisitor Xanesh. To get Voidwoken you need to participate in Void Ritual, then two players need to knock the Void Orb to each other, closing in steps to a portal, and eliminate it, when there will be three seconds until the end.

Realizing Your Potential. You need to kill The Hivemind after defeating three Evolved Specimen. You need to find three Promising Specimen and to bring them to the battleground with The Hivemind. First Promising Specimen can be found near the entrance to Gor’ms Womb, the second will be before Xanesh, the third will wait you before The Hivemind. Specimens will evolve after beginning a battle with the boss. You can use “Time Warp” to kill them.

You Can Pet the Dog, But… You’ll get this achievement if you defeat Shad’har the Insatiable after having everyone pet him. All raid participants must /pet Shad’har and after that all of them will get “Bitten Hand”. The boss gets an increase in speed after every /pet and doesn’t bite within 5 seconds.

Temper Tantrum. Your goal is to defeat Drest’agath after triggering Throes of Agony twice within 60 seconds. You need to eliminate all tentacles until Drest’agath will get 80 of energy, and then you must wait new tentacles. When there will be more than four tentacles, you need to eliminate one of them to get 100 of energy by Drest’agath and he will use Throes of Agony. After that, your goal is to eliminate, with the using of “Time Warp”, all tentacles that will arise within a minute.

Total Annihilation. You’ll get this achievement when every player will be hit by Annihilation at least 30 times and after that you need to defeat Vexiona. Your tank must face the Void Ascendant to your raid group, you can use “Spirit Link Totem” and “Power Word: Barrier” at the beginning of Annihilation. You must repeat these actions because one Annihilation will be not enough for 30.

How? Isn’t it Obelisk? First of all, you must destroy two obelisks with Unstable Void and then defeat Ra-den the Despoiled. To destroy obelisks you need to use Unstable Void that you can get with “Void Empowered”, it can be received after killing of Essence of Vita. Five players need to forward the Unstable Void to obelisk.

Bloody Mess. This achievement will be available if you’ll kill Il’gynoth Corruption Reborn after defeating ten Bloods of Ny’alotha in under 3 seconds. When 10 bloods will be in one place, you can use “Time Warp”, “Spirit Link Totem”, “Power Word: Barrier” and kill them quickly.

Cleansing Treatment. First step you need is to defeat all Synthesis Growth within ten seconds, then you must to defeat Carapace of N’Zoth. Your raid must get into two groups to lower health of Synthesis Growth to 10%-15%, then kill them all at once within the period or ten seconds. If players will use powerful spells and essences for killing growths, you can hold “Time Warp” for 3 phase.

It’s not a Cult. All players have to accept the Gift of N’Zoth, after then you need to defeat N’Zoth the Corruptor. When all participants of raid will have less than 50 of Sanity and health of the boss will be at 15%-20%, let Thought Harvester to finish the using of Harvest Thoughts. All participants will get the Gift of N’Zoth and then you can use “Time Warp” to kill N’Zoth. If somebody will have too high rate of sanity, he/she can stay in Anguish, it will help to lower the rate quickly.


After all achievements will be completed, you’ll get the Glory of Ny’alotha Raider and mount Wriggling Parasite.