Castle Nathria is a gothic-style castle towering strong above the rest of Revendreth (Coordinates 46.2 41.2). This is the largest building in the area, with a gargoyle on the roof.



  Castle Nathria Raid Release Schedule


Normal and Heroic difficulties: December 8 NA / December 9 EU

Mythic Castle Nathria, Raid Finder Wing 1: December 15 NA / December 16 EU

Raid Finder Wing 2: January 5 NA / January 6 EU

Raid Finder Wing 3: January 19 NA / January 20 EU

Raid Finder Wing 4: February 2 NA / February 3 EU



  The Castle has 10 different bosses with unique abilities and for each you need to choose a strategy to defeat. You will be able to get Gothic-style armor sets unique to this castle. If you have long wanted to get a plague doctor costume, now you have such an opportunity - cloth and leather looks exactly like that. Plate armor is more reminiscent of the walking Iron Maiden or the adepts of the Inquisition.



There is a certain sequence, following which the next bosses are opened. 

The first boss is Shriekwing. Killing Shriekwing unlocks Sun King's Salvation, Artificer Xy'Mox and Huntsman Altimor. Then you can choose any of them, which will open the passage to the subsequent chain of passes. You can choose defeating both Sun King's Salvation and Artificer Xy'Mox, which unlocks the Council of Blood. Or defeat Huntsman Altimor and unlock Hungering Destroyer, which then unlocks Lady Inerva Darkvein when defeated. You have to defeat both Council of Blood and Lady Inerva Darkvein and after that, you will get a chance to defeat the final three bosses - Sludgefist, next one is Stone Legion Generals and main boss - Sire Denathrius.


   Castle Nathria Loot


 There 4 diffirent ilvl loot - 187 LFR(Looking for Raid), 200 Normal, 213 Heroic and 226 Mythic, that you can get from the first eight bosses in the raid. Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius, the two final bosses of the raid, have better loot item levels - 194 LFR, 207 Normal, 219 Heroic and 233 Mythic.


 In Castle Nathria no ususal weapon drop, instead you will get Anima Spherules. These Spherules can be exchanged with your Covenant Sanctum weaponsmiths for Covenant-themed weapons.


 Also, to strengthen the raid, players can use the rune - Vantus Rune: Castle Nathria. But you can only use one Rune per week for one boss.


 Each boss past the first one is guaranteed to drop a Memory of the Runecarver Legendary Recipe. You can expect to get a General Memory of the Runecarver and one for each spec on your first clear. 


Remember that there in Shadowlands expansion is also a system for obtaining items from the weekly chest. To receive rewards from the Great Vault, the character needs to kill a certain number of bosses from the Castle of Nathria. 




 Castle Nathria have a certain amount of achievements: 


 Main achievements are obtained for killing bosses on any difficulty level (Normal, Heroic, Mythic).


 Also there some specific achievements to get The Glory of the Nathria Raider and reward for it is the Rampart Screecher mount.


Blind as a Bat

Defeat Shriekwing after she kills six Sneaky Servitors in Castle Nathria on Normal difficulty or higher.


Sneaky Servitors killed


Burning Bright

Redeem Kael'thas after lighting all four of the room's braziers in Castle Nathria on Normal difficulty or higher.


Light all four braziers


Feed the Beast

Defeat the Hungering Destroyer after draining all of the large anima canisters with Volatile Ejection in Castle Nathria on Normal difficulty or higher.


All anima canisters drained 


Pour Decision Making

Defeat the Council of Blood after throwing four styles of wine in Castle Nathria on Normal difficulty or higher.


Wine thrown slain


Feed Me, Seymour!

Defeat the Stone Legion Generals while all players are carrying a Bouquet of Blooming Sanguine Roses in Castle Nathria on Normal difficulty or higher.


Roses (General Kaal) acquired slain


Taking Care of Business

Defeat Huntsman Altimor after walking Margore, Bargast, and Hecutis to the corners of The Kennels in Castle Nathria on Normal difficulty or higher.


Margore's business handled slain

Bargast's business handled slain

Hecutis' business handled slain


Private Stock

Defeat Artificer Xy'mox after returning loose Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Maw Anima to their display cases in Castle Nathria on Normal difficulty or higher.


Maldraxxus anima returned

Maw anima returned

Ardenweald anima returned 


I Don't Know What I Expected

Defeat Lady Inerva Darkvein after defeating the Dark Animus in Castle Nathria on Normal difficulty or higher.


Dark Animus defeated


Dirtflap's Revenge

Defeat Sludgefist after he collides with pillars in Dirtflap's preferred order in Castle Nathria on Normal difficulty or higher.


Pillars destroyed


Clear Conscience

Defeat Sire Denathrius after removing Burden of Sin from all players before March of the Penitent is cast in Castle Nathria on Normal difficulty or higher.


Burden of Sin cleared 



List of Bosses, Tactics and Loot from each of them


 Let's take a close look at the bosses we have to fight:   



Tasked with guarding the great hall of Sire Denathrius, the blind Shriekwing locates her prey with sound and smell. The last sound heard by trespassers in Castle Nathria's halls is the monster's shriek as she descends on her prey.



 DPS –

Players within Shriekwing's line of sight will take heavy damage from [Earsplitting Shriek].

Position carefully while affected by [Echolocation].

Avoid being detected by [Echoing Sonar] while Shriekwing is under the effects of [Blood Shroud].

 Tank –

Coordinate with another player to manage the effects of [Exsanguinating Bite].

Players within Shriekwing's line of sight will take heavy damage from [Earsplitting Shriek].

Avoid being detected by [Echoing Sonar] while Shriekwing is under the effects of [Blood Shroud].

 Healer –

Players within Shriekwing's line of sight will take heavy damage from [Earsplitting Shriek].

Players with high applications of [Exsanguinated] receive reduced healing.

Avoid being detected by [Echoing Sonar] while Shriekwing is under the effects of [Blood Shroud].


  Phase One - Thirst for Blood

 Shriekwing feasts on her victims and becomes engorged with blood as the battle rages. In the boss location has four pillars placed around the centre of the room. When boss castin Earsplitting Shriek (this ability is cast twice per phase) better to hide behind the same pillar for all players in the group. Players will also be debuffed with Sanguine Ichor and effect damage over 8 seconds.

 The boss will occasionally mark up to three players with Echolocation. 8 seconds later, these players will be hit with Descent (unavoidable). They need to move to the edge of the encounter space, where are not many other players.

 As Shriekwing cast Exsanguinating Bite, that apllying Exsanguinated (stack 10 times) on tank, he need to coordinate with other players to trying reduce outcome. Healers should ensure they are fully topped before the ability is used and the other tank should taunt as soon as the cast is finished.

 There Blind Swipe cast to a random raid member, but it has the low damage and can be simply healing with efficient AoE healing spells.

 Also Shriekwing casts Wave of Blood. Healers should check it and don't lose time and cooldowns for it, because it might aligns with other sources of raid damage


  Phase Two - Terror of Castle Nathria

 Shriekwing gains energy for around 110 seconds, and after that transi into phase two. Teleport to the middle of the encounter space and cast Blood Shroud. This gives the boss a large damage taken decrease whilst placing a 12 yard ring around. Any players who enter this ring will be horrified for 4 seconds and be marked for a Deadly Descent after 5 seconds.

 Three times during phase two, the boss will cast Earsplitting Shriek. Same cast - line of sight of the boss and horriefied effect Deadly Descent after 5 seconds.

 Several slow moving rings Echoing Sonar will be released by the boss. Any player who comes into contact with a sonic ring will be horrified for two seconds and have their location marked for a Deadly Descent after 5 seconds.

 Murder Prey – Shriekwing instantly kills players within 12 yds.




 Slippers of the Forgotten Heretic - Cloth Feet  

 Errant Crusader's Greaves - Plate Feet  

 Cowled Batwing Cloak - Back  

 Chiropteran Leggings - Leather Legs  

 Double-Chained Utility Belt - Mail Waist  

 Skulker's Wing - Trinket  



 Unending Grip Death - Knight: Finesse

 Demonic Parole Demon - Hunter: Finesse

 Mental Recovery - Priest: Finesse

 Totemic Surge  - Shaman: Finesse

 Shade of Terror - Warlock: Finesse

 Disturb the Peace - Warrior: Finesse


   Altimor the Huntsman

Sire Denathrius seldom engages in the hunts himself, but Altimor makes certain the master has the finest beasts should he ever choose to indulge. Margore, Barghast, and Hecutis has been trained longer than most beasts have existed, and each is ready to deliver the Huntsman's wrath to any in his domain.



 DPS –

Position yourself when marked for [Sinseeker].

Utilizie crowd control on [Shades of Bargast] to apply stacks of [Destablize].

Position yourself when affected by Hecutis' [Petrifying Howl].

 Tanks –

Margore's [Jagged Claws] inflicts significant Phsyical damage and applies a potent stacking bleed effect.

Minimize damage taken by [Rip Soul and position Bargast to avoid granting Altimor [Devour Soul].

Coordinate with your healers to manage Hecutis' [Crushing Stone].

 Healer –

[Spreadshot] inflicts consistent raid damage.

Bargast's [Rip Soul creates souls that can be healed before they reach Altimor.

[Crushing Stone] inflicts substantial raid damage when Hecutis' moves.


Huntsman Altimor casting mainly few abilities

 Spreadshot – Altimor fires a cone of bolts at players inflicting Physical damage.

 Sinseeker – Altimor marks 3 players and fires at them. Each bolt inflicts Physical damage and an additional Shadow damage every 2 sec for 30 sec to the marked player and any players in a line.

 Huntsman's Bond – The boss will summon three pets throughout the encounter.  100% of damage taken by Altimor and his hunting gargons is additionally taken by the other.


But his pets are a way to keep players busy. Here they are:


 Tanks should taunt off of one another to keep the Jagged Claws stacks low (around 3-4 stacks and as this debuff is a bleed, it can be removed via bleed removal spells and abilities).

 Be ready to stack on the player marked for the Vicious Lunge - mark a random non-tank player for 6 seconds, placing a 6 yard targeting circle around them. The damage of this ability isn't particularly high, generally only requiring around 15-20% of your raid to help spread the damage to survivable levels.


 Shades of Bargast – Bargast creates shades of itself that cast Deathly Roar. While under a loss of control effect Shades of Bargast gain stacks of Destabilize, increasing all damage taken by 100%. As to prevent accidental crowd control breaking, recommended that Bargast is moved to the side of the room before each Shades of Bargast cast as to spawn the adds out of accidental cleave range.

 Rip Soul – Bargast rips out the soul of a player, inflicting Shadow damage and causing a soul to appear that drifts toward Altimor until it is healed to full. The soul add spawned is friendly to players and will be removed when it is healed to full. This should be the healer's number one priority.  


 Crushing Stone – Hecutis' melee attacks increase his Physical damage done by 25% and reduce his movement. While moving, Hecutis sheds stacks of Crushing Stone and triggers Shattering Stone, inflicting Nature damage to all players. The only way to remove this debuff is to move Hecutis, as whilst moving he shreds one stack every couple seconds. Each stack dropped triggers Shattering Stone which deals moderate nature damage to the entire raid.

 Petrifying Howl – Hecutis petrifies players, inflicting Nature damage and reducing movement speed by 5% every 1 sec. When this effect expires, petrified players shatter inflicting Nature damage to players within 10 yards and create a patch of Stone Shards at their location. Players afflicted with Petrifying Howl debuffs should move away from the raid to the edge of the encounter space as to place the Stone Shard pools in low traffic locations.


When Hecutis is defeated, Altimor will be at around the 10% health mark. There will not be any additional phases or extra abilities, so players can just finish him.




 Hellhound Cuffs - Plate Wrist  

 Grim Pursuant's Maille - Cloth Wrist  

 Master Huntsman's Bandolier - Mail Chest  

 Charm of Eternal Winter - Neck: Haste/Mastery

 Spell-Woven Tourniquet - Leather Waist  

 Bargast's Leash - Trinket  


Weapon Tokens

 Mystic Anima Spherule - Hunter, Mage, Druid


Legendary Recipes

 Memory of the Natural Order - Druid: Guardian

 Memory of Eagletalon's True Focus - Hunter: Marksmanship

 Memory of the Spiritwalker's Tidal Totem  - Shaman: Restoration



 Rushed Setup - Rogue: Finesse

 Born of the Wilds - Druid: Finesse

 Tactical Retreat - Hunter: Finesse

 Lingering Numbness - Monk: Finesse

 Crippling Hex - Shaman: Finesse

 Cacophonous Roar - Warrior: Finesse


   Hungering Destroyer

The devourers consume anima wherever they can find it. With drought afflicting the Shadowlands, it is no surprise that the hungriest and most dangerous of the devourers is drawn to the abundant store of anima here in the depths of Castle Nathria.


 DPS –

[Gluttonous Miasma] prevents all healing received by afflicted targets but siphons health from afflicted targets' nearby allies.

Position yourself to avold hitting other players when targeted by [Volatile Ejection].

Move away from the Hungering Destroyer when it casts [Consume].

 Tanks –

Coordinate with your co-tank to manage [Growing Hunger].

Move away from the Hungering Destroyer when it casts [Consume].

 Healer –

[Gluttonous Miasma] prevents all healing received by afflicted targets but siphons health from afflicted targets' nearby allies.

Position yourself to avold hitting other players when targeted by [Volatile Ejection].

Move away from the Hungering Destroyer when it casts [Consume].


 Gluttonous Miasma - These 24 second long debuffs deal low shadow damage every second and make the target immune to incoming healing. This immunity does not apply to shielding spells. Damage from anyone within 5 yards every second. In order to gain health, the debuffed player will need at least 3 players to start healing at a reasonable rate. The more people that are added, the more healing they will receive.

 Hungering Destroyer will frequently mark 3 players with Volatile Ejection. Moments later, each player will have a large line shot in their direction, dealing moderate shadow damage to any player in its path. This passes through the player and will only stop once it hits the wall. Marked players need to move away from any  Gluttonous Miasma clumps they may be part of and then stand still. If a player is struggling to move from the path the ejection will take, they should instead simply take a single hit, rather than potentially moving around into a position where they may be hit by 2.

 Expunge – The Hungering Destroyer excites the life energy in all players causing them to erupt, inflicting Shadow damage to nearby players. The size of the effect increases based on the target's missing health. After 5 seconds, each player will take a moderate burst of shadow damage and will splash (radius is dependent on the players current percent health) this damage onto any player nearby. Better to spread out quickly upon receiving the debuff, this ability is not very dangerous as the individual damage players take isn't too high.

 The boss gains energy over time. After gaining full energy, he will cast Consume. The closer you are to the boss during this channel, the more health the boss leeches from you. Before the boss gains full energy, he should be dragged to the edge of the room and all players should be ready to generate a large amount of distance between themselves and the boss.




 Consumptive Chainmail Carapace - Mail Chest  

 Epaulettes of Overwhelming Force - Plate Shoulder  

 Endlessly Gluttonous Greaves - Plate Legs  

 Volatile Shadestitch Legguards - Leather Legs  

 Helm of Insatiable Appetite - Mail Head  

 Miasma-Lacquered Jerkin - Leather Chest  

 Cinch of Infinite Tightness - Cloth Waist  

 Gluttonous Spike - Trinket  

 Consumptive Infusion - Trinket  


Weapon Tokens

 Venerated Anima Spherule - Paladin, Priest, Shaman


Legendary Recipes

 Memory of Gorefiend's Domination - Death Knight: Blood

 Memory of the Wall - Warrior: Protection



 Spirit Drain - Death Knight: Finesse

 Cryo-Freeze - Mage: Endurance

 Tumbling Technique - Monk: Finesse

 Move with Grace - Priest: Finesse

 Cloaked in Shadows - Rogue: Endurance



   Artificer Xy'Mox

Not everyone in Castle Nathria is loyal to Sire Denathrius. Some simply saw an opportunity and exploited it to their own ends. Artificer Xy'mox has worked with Denathrius but is mostly concerned with getting the better end of the deal, which may require the end of Nathria's invaders.


 DPS –

Coordinate with allies to place wormholes created by [Dimensional Tear].

Utilize womrholes created by [Dimensional Tear] to quickly reposition.

Seeds of Extinction created by [Root of Extinction] can be picked up and moved.

 Tank –

Utilize womrholes created by [Dimensional Tear] to quickly reposition.

[Glyph of Destruction] inflicts substantial Arcane damage to nearby players.

 Healer –

Coordinate with allies to place wormholes created by [Dimensional Tear].

Utilize womrholes created by [Dimensional Tear] to quickly reposition.

[Hyperlight Spark] and [Glyph of Destruction] inflict damage to all players.


  Phase One - Crystal of Phantasms - 100% - 70% Health

Xy'mox activates the crystal, releasing Fleeting Spirits that fixate players and attempt to possess them. Fleeting Spirits will dissipate if they are unable to reach their target within 11 sec.

Cast Dimensional Tear wormholes in the far east and far west. The raid should be positioned around one of these wormholes. Players can travel between wormholes.


  Phase Two - Root of Extinction - 70% - 40% Health

Xy'mox activates the root, planting 8 Seeds of Extinction. After 20 sec the seeds explode inflicting Nature damage to players within 50 yards. Players can interact with seeds to move them.

Same Dimensional Tear

Spot heal any player afflicted with Witheri Withering Touch


  Phase Three - Edge of Annihilation - 40% - 0% Health

Xy'mox activates the Edge of Annihilation, causing it to draw players in with increasing intensity until it erupts, inflicting Shadow damage to all players within 25 yards.

Same Dimensional Tear, but now it’s in the middle of the room.

Aura of Dread – The Edge of Annihilation's presence inflicts Shadow damage to all players every 3 sec. Try to stay in close group, so healers can heal everyone.




 Greaves of Enigmatic Energies - Mail Legs  

 Precisely Calibrated Chronometer - Leather Wrist  

 Shadewarped Sash - Cloth Waist  

 Hyperlight Band - Ring: Versatility/Mastery  

 Breastplate of Cautious Calculation - Plate Chest  

 Glyph of Assimilation - Trinket  


Weapon Tokens

 Apogee Anima Bead - Shield or Off-hand - Warrior, Paladin, Priest, Monk


Legendary Recipes

 Memory of the Last Emperor  - Monk: Windwalker

 Memory of the Core of the Balespider - Warlock: Demonology



 Born Anew - Druid: Finesse

 Markman's Advantage - Hunter: Endurance

 Tempest Barrier - Mage: Endurance

 Clear Mind  - Priest: Finesse

 Accrued Vitality - Warlock: Endurance



 Portable Pocket Dimension - 32 Slot Bag



   Sun King's Salvation

Kael'thas Sunstrider, former Lord of the Blood Elves, has found himself in Revendreth after his death in Magister's Terrace, atoning for his sins in life. It is currently not known what Kael'thas has been up to in Revendreth, but according to his dungeon journal entrance, Kael'thas is being tortured by Sire Denathrius to become a weapon to fight for the corrupt Master of Revendreth, and we save him from such a fate.



DPS should focus on killing any assassin casting Return to Stone to prevent this healing.

Tank –

Deal with Greater Castigation.

Tanks should taunt off of each other when their Burning Remnants stacks expire (applied via Fiery Strike).

Healer –

Heal Kael'thas Sunstrider as much as possible.

 Keep an eye on players channelling Soul Infusion, as it deals incredibly high damage to the player towards the end of the channel.

Try to heal Essence Font to save the time of the raid.

One of the healers need to collects all of Infuser's Orbs in a staggered fashion as to extend the duration of the effect for as long as possible.


As it was mentioned - we have to save Kael'thas Sunstrider’s soul, so need to heal him, instead of kill. Heal as much as possible, even players can use Soul Pedestal to sacrifice their own health to him.


   Phase one

There are 6 different types of adds. All adds should be grouped up together as much as possible, as to allow the DPS to cleave them down quickly and easily.


  Rockbound Vanquisher

 Concussive Smash deals moderate physical damage to all players and grants a stack of Reverberation to the vanquisher, increasing damage dealt by  Concussive Smash by 25% and this stacks.

 Vanquishing Strike deals a burst of physical damage to the tank and applies a stack of Vanquished: a bleed which lasts 20 seconds and can stack.


  Bleakwing Assassin

 Crimson Flurry marks several players. Moments later the assassin will teleport to each of these players dealing damage and applying a nasty bleed debuff to all players within 8 yards of the marked target.

 Cast Return to Stone when they reach ~30% health. This 8 second cast causes the add to stand completely still and will restore them to full health upon completion.


  Vile Occultist

 Vulgar Brand is an interruptible spell cast occasionally by these adds. Deals a small burst of shadow damage and applies a 35% damage taken debuff to a random player for 15 seconds. This debuff can be dispelled as a magic effect.

 Scornful Blast deals moderate shadow damage to a random player after a 1.5 second long interruptible cast.

 Door of Shadows is an uninterruptible spell cast occasionally that will teleport the Vile Occultist to a random nearby location. This spell can be interrupted via crowd control.

 When you defeat Vile Occultist, he will spawn an Essence Font. This is a friendly NPC that will slowly lose health over time as it lays on the floor. If the Essence Font dies, nothing happens. If it is healed to full, it will despawn and heal Kael'thas Sunstrider for 1% of his maximum health.


 Pestering Fiend

 Cast  Shattering Ruby at random players, dealing low physical damage to that player and anyone within 3 yards. Displacement spells should be used on these adds as to group them together.


 Soul Infuser

 Kill them before they reach Kael'thas Sunstrider and cast Soul Infusion. When those adds reaching Soul Pedestal they will channel Soul Infusion. It can be interrupted via crowd control, but this will only stop them for as long as the crowd control is active.

 After death Soul Infuser drops an Infuser's Orb which is an interactable object. Clicking on the orb will grant the player the Infuser's Boon debuff which increases healing done by 50% for 14 seconds. Once an orb has been interacted with it will despawn, only allowing a single player to use an orb.


 High Torturer Darithos

This add is present at the beginning of the encounter and will never respawn.

Occasionally channel Greater Castigation, dealing moderate shadow damage to random selected players and anyone within 6 yards every 0.5 seconds over 6 seconds.


   Phase Two

 Occur at 40% & 90% of Kael'thas Sunstrider remaining health. Kael'thas Sunstrider cannot be healed by players during this phase.


 Shade of Kael'thas

 This mini-boss will spawn with 60% health the first time and 10% health the second time. Whilst this mini-boss is active, Kael'thas Sunstrider is immune to all healing done from players. However, damage taken by this add heals Kael'thas Sunstrider during this phase.


 Fiery Strike - The Shade of Kael'thas will frequently cast  Fiery Strike, dealing moderate fire damage and applying Burning Remnant debuffs to all players within a 12 yard cone directed at the tank.


Blazing Surge - When Kael'thas get 100 energy, he casts Blazing Surge, which deals a moderate burst of fire damage to all players within a large 40 yard frontal cone directed at the tank. Allowing players to sidestep the ability.


Reborn Phoenix

 These adds will fixate random players and move towards them. If they reach a player they simply melee hit for a small amount of physical damage via Smoldering Plumage. This also leaves behind a  Smoldering Remnants patch, a pool of fire which deals high ticking damage to players who stand in it. Once an add dies, it will slowly regenerate health over time. During this time the add cannot be damaged. Upon reaching full health it will reactivate and start chasing players again. But as this phase not so long, the raid should only need to kill the Reborn Phoenix adds a single time.


 A random non-tank player is occasionally marked with  Ember Blast. After 5 seconds, that player will take lethal fire damage and receive 6 stacks of Lingering Embers. This ability also spawns a patch of Smoldering Remnants. This one should be soaked ~10 yards away from the raid as to ensure the fire spawns in low traffic areas.



 High Torturer's Smock - Cloth Chest  

 Bangles of Errant Pride - Mail Wrist

 Mantle of Manifest Sins - Back  

 Stoic Guardsman's Belt - Plate Belt  

 Bleakwing Assassin's Grips - Leather Hands  

 Splintered Heart of Al'ar - Trinket  

 Tuft of Smoldering Plumage - Trinket  

 Soul Igniter - Trinket  


Weapon Tokens

 Abominable Anima Spherule - Weapon - Death Knight, Warlock, Demon Hunter


Legendary Recipes

 Memory of the Sun King - Mage: Fire

 Memory of the Shadowbreaker - Paladin: Holy



 Hardened Bones - Death Knight: Endurance

 Fel Defender - Demon Hunter: Endurance

 Cheetah's Vigor  - Hunter: Finesse

 Shielding Words - Paladin: Endurance

 Vital Accretion - Shaman: Endurance

 Brutal Vitality - Warrior: Endurance



   Lady Inerva Darkvein

Shown during the Revendreth storyline as one of Sire Denathrius' most loyal advisors, Inerva is responsible for monitoring Denathrius' anima reservoirs.



 DPS –

Sins of the Past summoned by [Sins and Suffering] constantly damage the nearest player until they are connected with the beams of [Shared Suffering].

If any container reaches capacity, a [Container Breach] occurs.

[Bottled Anima] will trigger a burst of [Unleashed Volatility] if not caught.

When you have [Shared Cognition], you take damage based off the damage the tank takes from [Expose Desires].

 Tanks –

Lady Inerva Darkveins' [Expose Desires] will alter your responsibilities as it gains power.

Make sure to trigger [Change of Heart] away from your allies.

Allies with [Shared Cognition] will take damage based off the damage you take from [Expose Desires].

 Healer –

Allies with [Shared Cognition] will take damage based off the damage the tank takes from [Expose Desires].

Sins of the Past summoned by [Sins and Suffering] constantly damage the nearest player until they are connected with the beams of [Shared Suffering].

The raid continually suffers damage from [Loose Anima] in the chamber. This damage increases with each open container.

If any container reaches capacity, a [Container Breach] occurs.


On Lady Inerva Darkvein location placed four Primal Anima Containers, and she casted four main avilities that linked to those containers. These containers slowly gain energy over time. Upon reaching 33% & 66% energy, the ability linked with the container will gain an augmentation.


  Container of Desire

 The Container of Desire governs the power of Lady Inerva Darkvein's Expose Desires ability. As the container increases in level, the power of Expose Desires increases. Lady Inerva Darkvein uses these abilities when she reaches 100 energy.

 Warped Desires (stackable) deals moderate shadow damage over 21 seconds. This ability is frequently cast on the tank and they should taunt off of each other on two stacks.

  33% Empowerment

 Expose Desires is upgraded into Expose Cognition. This applies a Shared Cognition debuff to a random non-tank player when a tank receives their first stack of Warped Desires. This ability copy damage to player that tank got for over 10 seconds. Tanks should continue to swap on two stacks as to keep damage on themselves and their Shared Cognition partner as low as possible.

  66% Empowerment

 Expose Desires is upgraded into Exposed Heart. This causes the tank to trigger a  Change of Heart explosion whenever their Warped Desires stacks drop. The tank simply needs to move away from others to reduce incoming raid damage.


  Container of Bottled Anima

 The Container of Bottled Anima governs the power of Lady Inerva Darkvein's Bottled Anima ability. As the container increases in level, the power of Bottled Anima increases.

 Every ~35 seconds, the boss will summon multiple  Bottled Anima vials that will begin to land at randomly marked locations around the encounter space.

 If no players are hit by the impact, the vial explodes and triggers Unleashed Volatility, dealing high shadow damage to all players. The raid needs to make sure that each  Bottled Anima landing zone is soaked by a single player.

  33% Empowerment

 Bottled Anima is upgraded into Lingering Anima

 When a vial lands on the ground, it now creates a patch of  Lingering Anima which deals moderate shadow damage to anyone who remains within it. It’s casting randomly. It currently appears pools never despawn.

  66% Empowerment

 Bottled Anima is upgraded into Replicating Anima

 When the Bottled Anima vial lands for the first time, it will bounce back up and mark another random nearby location and then land again moments later, forcing players to soak each vial twice, instead of once.


  Container of Sin

 The Container of Sin governs the power of Lady Inerva Darkvein's Sins and Suffering ability. As the container increases in level, the power of Sins and Suffering increases.

 Approximately every 50 seconds, the boss will cast Lesser Sins and Suffering, spawning three Sins of the Past orbs around the middle of the encounter space. If the orbs expire after ~45 seconds, the raid receives the Indemnification debuff which deals very heavy shadow damage over 10 seconds to all players. Also three random non-tank players will be marked with Shared Suffering. Players must despawn the  Sins of the Past orbs by passing at least one beam through each of them simultaneously.

  33% Empowerment

 Lesser Sins and Suffering is upgraded into Sins and Suffering

 This modifies the  Sins of the Past orbs by linking each orb together with a single   Anima Web beam. Any player who is touched by this beam receives a hard hitting shadow damage 10 second dot (stackable). Try to avoid them.

  66% Empowerment

 Sins and Suffering is upgraded into Greater Sins and Suffering

 After Anima Web beams have spawned, they will also slowly rotate on the spot.

 Players who marked with Shared Suffering have to stand further away from the orb they are trying to hit with their beam. As long as the angle is the same, they are still be able to cut their orb. Other players should avoid beams.


  Container of Concentrated Anima

 The Container of Concentrated Anima governs the power of Lady Inerva Darkvein's Concentrated Anima ability. As the container increases in level, the power of Concentrated Anima increases.

 When Lightly Concentrated Anima debuff expires, the player will deal a low burst of shadow damage to all players within 8 yards and spawns a Harnessed Specter add. Player who had it, must go close to melee to spawn the add nearby. Other players have to avoid. As it always melee hit the player in range who has the most threat. If there is no players within melee range, it will spam cast Condemn which deals very high damage to the entire raid.

  33% Empowerment

 Lightly Concentrated Anima is upgraded into Concentrated Anima

 It applies Rooted in Anima to the player who initially received the Concentrated Anima debuff for 10 seconds, preventing them from moving at all with the debuff.

 Players should to be in most acceptable area near the boss, when the ability is about to be cast, to allow the tanks quickly picked up that the add.

  66% Empowerment

 Concentrated Anima is upgraded into Highly Concentrated Anima

 There are appear several Fragments of Shadow orbs when the debuff expires. To make dodging these orbs easier, all other players should ensure that they are 10-15+ yards away from the debuffed player, as this will give them sufficient time to dodge any incoming orbs.




 Binding of Warped Desires - Plate Waist  

 Memento-Laden Cuisses - Mail Legs  

 Gloves of Phantom Shadows - Leather Hands  

 Confidant's Favored Cap - Cloth Head

 Ritualist's Treasured Ring - Ring: Crit/Haste  

 Memory of Past Sins - Trinket  


Weapon Tokens

Thaumaturgic Anima Bead - Shield or Off-hand - Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Druid


Legendary Recipes

Memory of a Fortified Fel Flame - Demon Hunter: Vengeance

Memory of the Mother Tree - Druid: Restoration



 Reinforced Shell - Death Knight: Endurance

 Shattered Restoration - Demon Hunter: Endurance

 Tough as Bark - Druid: Endurance

 Rejuvenating Wind - Hunter: Endurance

 Grounding Surge - Mage: Finesse

 Grounding Breath - Monk: Endurance

 Golden Path - Paladin: Endurance

 Translucent Image - Priest: Endurance

 Prepared for All  - Rogue: Finesse

 Spiritual Resonance - Shaman: Finesse

 Resolute Barrier - Warlock: Endurance

 Safeguard - Warrior: Finesse



Sludgefist was born in the muddy foundation beneath Castle Nathria and now wanders the halls as he awaits orders from Sire Denathrius. His massive footsteps reverberate throughout the castle, announcing his arrival from several rooms away.



Sludgefist inflicts massive damage to any player caught in the path of [Heedless Charge].

Moving too far from an ally while affected with [Chain Link] will trigger [Shattering Chain].

Tank –

Sludgefist hits two targets at once with [Giant Fists].

Sludgefist triggers [Collapsing Foundation] if he impacts a wall during [Heedless Charge].

Moving too far from an ally while affected with [Chain Link] will trigger [Shattering Chain].

Healer –

[Collapsing Foundation] inflicts increasing damage to all players as the battle continues.

Moving too far from an ally while affected with [Chain Link] will trigger [Shattering Chain].


  Chain Link - These players will be marked with a red arrow above their heads, allowing them to find their partner in a crowd. After 6 seconds these players will be linked together for 54 seconds. During this time they will be taking very minor physical damage every 2 seconds. If these players move 12 yards apart, the chain will break and  Shattering Chain is triggered, dealing lethal physical damage to both players whilst stunning them for 6 seconds. The players must stay within 12 yards of each other until the debuff drops, ideally staying as close as possible to avoid accidentally moving too far apart when dodging certain abilities.


 Sludgefist has passive attack Giant Fists. It will deal damage to closest target.


Upon reaching 100 energy, boss will mark the tank with Hateful Gaze. Sludgefist will continue to charge in this direction until he hits terrain. There are additional effects depends of which part of terrain boss reached:

  If he hits a wall, he will trigger Collapsing Foundation, dealing heavy physical damage to the raid every second until the end of the encounter.

  If he hits a pillar, he will trigger Crumbling Foundation, dealing very low physical damage to the raid every second until the end of the encounter. This can stack.

  The raid wants to avoid triggering Collapsing Foundation by ensuring that Sludgefist always charges into a pillar.

As there are only 4 pillars in the encounter space, the raid needs to kill Sludgefist before he casts Hateful Gaze for a 5th time, otherwise Collapsing Foundation will trigger and the raid will wipe very quickly.


 Destructive Stomp - Players within melee need to move away from the boss to avoid this ability. This ability also destroys any pillars within the radius.


 The boss will frequently trigger Falling Rubble, marking the location underneath random ranged players. This also leaves behind a permanent  Stonequake zone at the impact location, which deals damage and reduces movement speeds by 25% for anyone who stands within them.


 At the beginning of the fight and every ~30 seconds after that point, the boss will cast Colossal Roar (unavoidable damage). Players should position themselves so that they are not pushed into Stonequake marked areas.


 When Sludgefist gains Gruesome Rage upon reaching 30% health, increasing his attack speed and damage dealt by 20%. All players should be prepare and look at their ability cooldowns.




 Load-Bearing Belt - Mail Waist  

 Stoneclas Stompers - Mail Feet  

 Impossibly Oversized Mitts - Cloth Hands  

 Rampaging Giant's Chestplate - Plate Chest  

 Heedless Pugilist's Harness - Leather Waist  

 Leggings of Lethal Reverberations - Cloth Legs  

 Colossal Plate Gauntlets - Plate Hands  

 Hateful Chain - Trinket  


Legendary Recipes

 Memory of Koltira - Death Knight: Frost

 Memory of the Frenzyband - Druid: Feral

 Memory of the Rylakstalker's Strikes - Hunter: Survival

 Memory of a Siphoning Storm - Mage: Arcane

 Memory of the Morning's Tear - Monk: Mistweaver

 Memory of the Ardent Protector - Paladin: Protection

 Memory of a Clear Mind - Priest: Discipline

 Memory of Greenskin - Rogue: Outlaw

 Memory of the Primal Lava Actuators - Shaman: Enhancement

 Memory of Azj'Aqir's Cinders - Warlock: Destruction

 Memory of the Berserker's Will - Warrior: Fury



 Tireless Pursuit - Druid: Finesse

 Diverted Energy - Mage: Endurance

 Harm Denial - Monk: Endurance

 Quick Decisions - Rogue: Finesse

 Fel Celerity  - Warlock: Finesse



   Stone Legion Generals


The ancient stoneborn generals, Kaal and Grashaal, have hounded the Prince Renathal's rebellion at every turn. Once they were General Draven's apprentice and mentor; now their strength, strategy, and soldiers have been unleashed against him and any who would defy the Sire's will.



The raid will be dealing with two bosses with separate health pools. During phase one, the raid fights General Kaal whilst General Grashaal attacks players from afar. During phase two, the bosses switch place, with General Grashaal fighting the raid on the ground whilst General Kaal attacks from the air. At the last stage, both bosses will fight at the same time.


 Tank –

Position yourself for [Gloom Squall].

Avoid [Piercing Blur].

 DPS –

Avoid [Piercing Blur].

Spread out for [Wicked Rush].

Position yourself for [Gloom Squall].

 Healer –

Position yourself for [Gloom Squall].

Avoid [Piercing Blur].


  Phase One

  General Grashaal (Airborne)

 Whilst airborne, Grashaal will frequently cast Stone Spike at random players.

 Stone Breaker's Combo cast roughly every minute. This ability consists of three steps.

  Step One: One random non-tank player will have Crystalize channeled into them. Player should position themselves close to the currently active boss, ready for Step Two.

  Step Two: The Crystalize player will trigger a Crystalline Burst once the 5 second channel completes. Any player that has a bleed debuff, should stand within this   Crystalline Burst to remove their bleed. All other players should avoid it.

 Step Three: Immediately after the Crystalline Burst has occurred, the original   Crystalize target will be marked with a Pulverizing Meteor. All nearby players should stack at this location to split the damage of the Pulverizing Meteor.


  General Kaal (Grounded)

 Every ~20 seconds, Kaal will cast Serrated Swipe at the tank, which deals a moderate burst of physical damage to them. This damage is not an area of effect spell. Tanks should look to reset their   Serrated Tear stacks by using the  Stone Breaker's Combo. This alone should keep the tanks stack low enough (3-4 stacks at most) to not have to taunt swap off of one another.


 Occasionally apply Heart Rend debuffs to the raid, targeting up to 4 random non-tank players. When the debuff expires or is dispelled, the player receives  Heart Hemorrhage (cannot be dispelled). Healers will need to spot heal them to make sure they survive.


 Every 30 seconds, Kaal will mark two random non-tank players with Wicked Blade. That two players should move to that side of the boss and spread at least 8 yards apart from one another.


  Phase Two

  General Kaal (Airborne)

 General Kaal will continue to cast Wicked Blade whilst Airborne.


 Kaal will frequently throw Ricocheting Shuriken at random players, dealing a small burst of physical damage to them.


  General Grashaal (Grounded)

 Stone Breaker's Combo the same.


 Cast Stone Fist towards the tank, dealing a burst of physical damage whilst knocking back any players within a short range frontal cone.


 Every ~30 seconds, this boss casts Seismic Upheaval which marks the locations of players every few seconds. Players should move away from the zones that are spawned.


 Cast Reverberating Eruption on a random non-tank player, marking them for 5 seconds.



  Phase Three

 The bosses must be defeated within a short time frame of one another, as once one dies the other gains a 100% damage increase via Soldier's Oath.


 Stone Fist and Serrated Swipe - As two separate tank debuffs are being applied throughout this phase, the tanks will need to find a suitable time to taunt off of one another.


 Positioning whilst fighting these two bosses is very important, as you need to make sure that the Wicked Blade and Reverberating Eruption mechanics do not occupy the same space.




Crest of the Legionnaire General - Back  

Robes of the Cursed Commando - Cloth Chest  

Wicked Flanker's Gorget - Leather Shoulder  

Oathsworn Soldier's Gauntlets - Mail Hands  

Ceremonial Parade Legguards - Plate Legs  

Stone Legion Heraldry - Trinket  


Weapon Tokens

 Apogee Anima Bead - Shield or Off-hand - Warrior, Paladin, Priest, Monk

 Thaumaturgic Anima Bead - Shield or Off-hand - Shaman, Mage, Warlock, Druid


Legendary Recipes

 Memory of Superstrain - Death Knight: Any

 Memory of the Anguish of the Collective - Demon Hunter: Any

 Memory of the Circle of Life and Death - Druid: Any

 Memory of the Wild Call - Hunter: Any

 Memory of an Expanded Potential - Mage: Any

 Memory of the Invoker - Monk: Any

 Memory of the Sun's Cycles - Paladin: Any

 Memory of the Twins of the Sun Priestess - Priest: Any

 Memory of Bloodfang's Essence - Rogue: Any

 Memory of an Ancestral Reminder - Shaman: Any

 Memory of Demonic Synergy - Warlock: Any

 Memory of the Tormented Kings - Warrior: Any



 Insatiable Appetite - Death Knight: Endurance

 Felfire Haste - Demon Hunter: Endurance

 Front of the Pack - Druid: Finesse

 Harmony of the Tortollan - Hunter: Endurance

 Flow of Time - Mage: Finesse

 Fortifying Ingredients - Monk: Endurance

 Divine Call  - Paladin: Endurance

 Charitable Soul - Priest: Endurance

 Recuperator - Rogue: Endurance

 Thunderous Paws - Shaman: Finesse

 Diabolic Bloodstone  - Warlock: Endurance

 Stalwart Guardian - Warrior: Endurance




   Sire Denathrius

Master of Revendreth, King of the Venthyr, First Blooded, Commander of the Stoneborn and the Fangs of Shadowlands. Sire Denathrius is the leader of the Venthyr covenant and ruler of Revendreth. Of the souls who atoned for all their sins, Sir Denatrius created Venthyr in his own image and likeness.

When you start your journey in Revendreth, you need to complete all the quests received from this sire. When you doing them, you will probably think that you are doing a good deed. But everything is not what it seems. In the end, it turns out that the ruler has succumbed to the temptation of power and influence, and not only can he no longer fulfill his duties, but he also threatens to destroy the fragile situation of society.  


 DPS –

Echoes of Sin and Crimson Cabalists are dangerous and can overwhelm your raid if not dealt with quickly.

Remornia shares health with Denathrius through [Bloodbound].

Position carefully for [Blood Price] and [Shattering Pain], both of which knock players away from Denathrius.

 Tanks –

Use [Cleansing Pain] to remove [Burden of Sin] from yourself and allies.

[Wracking Pain] greatly increases damage taken, and can also hit Crimson Cabalists.

Position carefully for [Blood Price] and [Shattering Pain], both of which knock players away from Denathrius.

 Healer –

Targeted abilities like [Impale] and [Fatal Finesse] inflict heavy damage.

[Blood Price] and [Hand of Destruction] can inflict heavy damage to the entire raid.

Position carefully for [Blood Price] and [Shattering Pain], both of which knock players away from Denathrius.


Denathrius has the passive ability Inevitable.


Phase One: Sinners Be Cleansed 100% - 70% Health

The boss will occasionally mark 2 players with Feeding Time. To reduce both incoming raid damage and the amount the boss heals, the marked players simply need to move 4+ yards away from any other player.


Upon reaching 100% energy, he will cast Command: Ravage. Players need to move quickly away from this marked location and stay in close group. After a 6 second cast,   Ravage goes through dealing very high damage to all players in the area. This also coats the area with Desolation pools. As the Desolation pools are permanent, the raid needs to damage Denathrius down to 70% before the third Ravage cast completes because at that point there will be no space left.


To deal with the  Cleansing Pain,  Burden of Sin and  Blood Price mechanics, the raid should do the following:

Split the raid into two evenly sized teams. Each team should contain one tank. The teams should take turns at soaking the  Cleansing Pain.

Due to the way the abilities line up, this will make it so that half the raid has different stacks than the other each time  Blood Price is cast which helps keep raid damage to a minimum.

Clearing stacks in this way also spawns Echo of Sin adds in a steady and regular rate that the raid should easily be able to keep up with.

This will also leave the entire raid at 1 stack of  Burden of Sin at the end of the phase, which is important for the  March of the Penitent intermission.


Intermission: March of the Penitent

March of the Penitent – Upon reaching 70% health, Denathrius draws all players to the center of the room, then casts them outward to the edges. Players affected by Burden of Sin have their movement speed slowed by 20% per stack and are unable to use abilities. Moving within 16 yds of Denathrius absolves players of their Burden of Sin.

Fall of the Unworthy – After 15 sec, all players are pulled into the Observatorium along with Denathrius. Any player still affected by Burden of Sin falls to their violent, unavoidable death.


Phase Two: The Crimson Chorus 70% - 40% Health

Once fully cleansed, players find themselves in the grand Observatorium, where countless mirrors are used to watch and manipulate events throughout the Shadowlands and beyond.


From the beginning of Phase Two, a new add called Remornia will be summon. Remornia will frequently cast Impale. This marks several players for 5 seconds. All other players should avoid marked players.

Remornia abilities and melee attacks apply a stack of  Carnage to the players hit. As this is a Bleed debuff, Carnage can be removed by bleed removal abilities and spells.


Whenever Denathrius reaches 100 energy, he will cast Command: Massacre. This cast resets his energy back to 0%. That turnes to Massacre casted by Remornia.


Crimson Cabalist adds will spawn in waves of 4 throughout Phase Two. Kill the Crimson Cabalist adds as a high priority. These adds should be focused down by ranged players whilst melee players focus on killing the two adds on the main path.


Hand of Destruction - Denathrius pulls all players to his location and conjures an image of himself. After 6 sec, the image releases destructive energy that inflicts  Shadow damage to all players, reduced based on distance.


Phase Three: Indignation 40% - 0% Health

 As soon as Phase Three begins, the boss enables Indignation. The raid should look to position themselves towards the middle of the encounter space before the intermission as to avoid being caught in this energy at any time.


 Remornia had reduces attack speed by 25%, but increases his melee damage done by 50%. Each melee attack also applies a stack of Scorn to the tank.


Same Hand of Destruction, but now have no access to the mirrors. This is a good time for movement speed increasing cooldowns, as well as healing cooldowns as this ability will be dealing higher damage during this phase than in the previous due to the closer proximity to the boss.


Fatal Finesse – Denathrius sets his sights on random players, then slashes each of them 5 sec later. Inflicts Shadow damage to players within 9 yds of the target, plus an additional Shadow damage every 1 sec for 10 sec.

Smoldering Ire – On Heroic difficulty and above, Fatal Finesse leaves behind a sphere of volatile anima that explodes after 10 sec, inflicting up to Shadow damage to all players.


Upon reaching 100% energy, the boss will summon a Sinister Reflection in the middle of the encounter space.

Ravage – After 6 sec, the Sinister Reflection releases anima in a huge arc, inflicting Shadow damage to all players hit and leaving behind Desolation.

Desolation – Lingering Anima reduces all healing received by 100% and inflicts Shadow damage every 1 sec to players who stand within it.

Massacre – The Sinister Reflection forms massive blades that slash in every direction, inflicting Shadow damage to any players hit.

Rancor – When Remornia hits a player with Impale or Massacre, she scorches the area beneath them with seething hatred for 1 min. (Heroic difficulty)

Inflicts Shadow damage every 1 sec and increases damage taken by 100% for players standing within.




 Pauldrons of Fatal Finality - Mail Shoulder  

 Sadist's Sinister Mask - Leather Head

 Most Regal Signet of Sire Denathrius - Ring: Haste/Mastery  

 Diadem of Imperious Desire - Plate Head  

 Shawl of the Penitent - Cloth Shoulder  

 Sanguine Vintage - Trinket  

 Cabalist's Hymnal - Trinket  

 Manabound Mirror - Trinket  

 Dreadfire Vessel - Trinket  


Weapon Tokens

 Abominable Anima Spherule  - Weapon - Death Knight, Warlock, Demon Hunter

 Mystic Anima Spherule - Weapon - Hunter, Mage, Druid

 Venerated Anima Spherule - Weapon - Paladin, Priest, Shaman

 Zenith Anima Spherule - Weapon - Warrior, Rogue, Monk


Legendary Recipes

 Memory of the Deadliest Coil - Death Knight: Unholy

 Memory of the Chaos Theory - Demon Hunter: Havoc

 Memory of Oneth - Druid: Balance

 Memory of the Eredun War Order - Hunter: Beast Mastery

 Memory of the Freezing Winds - Mage: Frost

 Memory of a Celestial Infusion - Monk: Brewmaster

 Memory of the Vanguard's Momentum - Paladin: Retribution

 Memory of a Harmonious Apparatus - Priest: Holy

 Memory of Finality - Rogue: Subtlety

 Memory of the Demise of Skybreaker  - Shaman: Elemental

 Memory of a Malefic Wrath - Warlock: Affliction

 Memory of the Exploiter - Warrior: Arms



 Fleeting Wind - Death Knight: Finesse

 Viscous Ink - Demon Hunter: Endurance

 Ursine Vigor - Druid: Endurance

 Ambuscade - Hunter: Finesseф

 Incantation of Swiftness - Mage: Finesse

 Swift Transference - Monk: Finesse

 Light's Barding - Paladin: Finesse

 Light's Inspiration - Priest: Endurance

 Fade to Nothing - Rogue: Finesse

 Astral Protection - Shaman: Endurance

 Kilrogg's Cunning - Warlock: Finesse

 Indelible Victory - Warrior: Endurance


Undoubtedly, this raid will be a difficult test for most players, especially at first. If you want to save your time and nerves, we suggest enlisting the help of our best specialists and quickly complete this raid, getting both achievements and the desired items!