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Top Builds Brawl Stars Kit Guide!
Top Builds Brawl Stars Kit Guide!

Top Builds Brawl Stars Kit Guide!

28.05 .2024
KIT BEST BUILD Kit possesses an extremely limited attack range, low health, and damage output. However, her Super ability provides significant utility: upon leaping onto another fighter, Kit's attributes receive a boost. In her standard form, Kit engages foes by swiftly clawing at them once, akin to the attacks of Buzz or Bibi. Moreover, her unique ability facilitates the rapid charging of her Super, enabling her to execute a "throwing...


Kit possesses an extremely limited attack range, low health, and damage output. However, her Super ability provides significant utility: upon leaping onto another fighter, Kit's attributes receive a boost. In her standard form, Kit engages foes by swiftly clawing at them once, akin to the attacks of Buzz or Bibi. Moreover, her unique ability facilitates the rapid charging of her Super, enabling her to execute a "throwing attack" or inflict damage on opponents while standing atop them. With her initial gadget, Kit can cloak herself, allowing for stealthy approaches towards enemies, while her second gadget facilitates swift self-healing and ally support during her Super. The first Star Power proves especially beneficial in Showdown matches, doubling her power cube gains, whereas the second Star Power merely extends the duration of her Super.

Kit serves as a formidable support brawler, capable of shoring up the weaknesses of her allies and facilitating easy eliminations when necessary. In 3v3 mode, the "Overly Attached" Star Power consistently proves invaluable, while the other option holds relevance primarily in Showdown. The versatility of the "Cardboard Box" Gadget makes it a standout choice, enabling surprise attacks on enemies or expedited Super charging. Given the strength of her Gadget, prioritizing Gadget Charge is essential. Additionally, equipping Damage Gear provides the added firepower necessary to dispatch enemy brawlers with ease.


Hide in a cardboard box becoming invisble for 3 seconds. Charges the Super 100% faster while stationary

GADGET CHARGEGadget Charge Gear

Increases number of Gadget usages per battle by 1


Kit attaches to friendly brawlers for 5 seconds longer

DAMAGEDamage Gear

Deals 15% EXTRA DAMAGE when your brawler is below 50% health.


Kit's alternative Star Power, "Power Hungry," excels in Showdown but lacks utility in 3v3 matches. Select the appropriate Star Power based on the game mode you're playing. As for the Gadget, "Cheeseburger" shines in certain team compositions. If you're positioning Kit as support for a tank or an assassin like Fang, this Gadget becomes relevant. Alternatively, if you prioritize survivability, consider opting for the Shield Gear instead of Damage Gear.


Heals himself and the friendly Brawler he is attached to for 40%


Kit gains 200% power from each Power Cube

SHIELDShield Gear

Gain extra 900 HEALTH as a consumable shield. The shield regenerates in 10 seconds, when at full health.

Important information about KIT:

  • Rarity:LEGENDARY
  • Class:SUPPORT
  • KIT ’s title: "Meow"
  • Personal description of KIT: "Kit is a star from old cartoons who dreams of starring in a new project and being appreciated for his acting talent, not just his cute appearance."


  • HEALTH 6000 HP
  • MAX DMG 2000
  • MAX SUPER DMG 2000 + 2 X 250
  • TRAITS Charges Super over time

Characters that KIT opposes:

  1. Barley

  2. Colt

  3. Piper

  4. Tick

  5. Dynamike

Characters who are not opposed:

  1. Shelly

  2. Bull

  3. El Primo

  4. Jackie

  5. Edgar

A precise guide for attack, super, gadgets, and star power:


Kit slashes with his claws, targeting nearby enemies in a cone-shaped area, capable of hitting multiple opponents. Each attack deals 2000 damage, and he has a rapid reload speed. In close quarters, he can swiftly eliminate many brawlers, even those with moderate health.


Kit leaps and latches onto a brawler. When he lands on an enemy, he inflicts 2000 initial damage and an additional 250 damage per second for 2 seconds. The target is immobilized for a brief duration, becoming vulnerable in the process. However, it's important to note that Kit is also susceptible to damage during this period.When Kit jumps onto a friendly brawler, he remains attached for 10 seconds, providing continuous healing of 600 health per second. Additionally, he hurls explosive projectiles that deal 3200 damage. If your team includes sturdy brawlers, consider leaping onto them to provide healing support while simultaneously dealing significant damage with explosive attacks. This tactic can be incredibly potent in battles.


Kit's Super passively charges, taking 20 seconds to fully charge without direct engagement with enemies.


Kit restores 40% of his own health and that of the friendly brawler he's attached to. Utilize this Gadget when you require healing for yourself and your ally.


Kit gains invisibility for 3 seconds. If Kit remains stationary, his Super charges 100% faster. Employ this gadget to vanish from sight and execute surprise attacks on low or mid-HP brawlers. Opting to stay still can be a strategic move if you require your Super promptly. This gadget is exceptionally potent as it grants him the ability to become invisible three times per match at his discretion.


Kit receives a 200% boost in power from each Power Cube collected. This Star Power is rendered ineffective when Power Cubes are absent from the match. Its utility is primarily confined to Showdown matches and the Mega Pig event with the Unlimited Power modifier.


Kit's attachment duration to friendly brawlers is extended by an additional 5 seconds, totaling 15 seconds.



Utilize your super to leap onto a lone enemy brawler, providing an opportunity for your teammates to secure an easy elimination. Remember, you are susceptible to attacks while attached to an enemy!


By leaping onto a sturdy tank or assassin with substantial HP, you can mitigate their vulnerabilities (as you'll be able to attack like a thrower) and become a formidable threat to your enemies. You'll be nearly invincible as you heal your ally, all while still being able to utilize the Cheeseburger Gadget.

Best and worst modes for KIT:

Best modes:

  • Gem Grab 

  • Bounty

  • Knockout 

Worst modes:

  • Heist

  • Brawl Ball

  • Hot Zone

Here are all the skins for the character KIT:

  • Billy Kit (29 Gems)
  • Kitboxer (at level 50 of the Brawl Pass "Year of the Dragon" season)
  • Kitboxer Golden Paw (at level 46 of the Brawl Pass Plus "Year of the Dragon" season)
  • Kitboxer Dark Paw (at level 48 of the Brawl Pass Plus "Year of the Dragon" season)
  • Silver Kit (10,000 Coins)
  • Gold Kit (25,000 Coins)

Interesting facts about:

  • Kit is the only brawler in his gang. His environment is the "Starr Animation Studio." Kit is a hybrid of the "Support" and "Assassin" classes, evident from his abilities. He is the second support brawler with a very high movement speed, the first being Max. Kit is the fourth anthropomorphic animal brawler, following Crow, Ruff, and Meg. Originally, Kit was supposed to be released in February 2021, but he was replaced by Ruff.
  • Rumors and concepts about a new cat brawler named "Kit" (Shelly's cat) have been circulating since 2021. Players thought he would be released in the 5th season of Brawl Pass with a space theme, but Ruff was released instead. Later, players speculated that the cat brawler would join Ruff's gang, but Eve was released instead. Artist Fernanda decided that having a dog and cat in the same gang would be too mundane. The cat brawler had been in development for a long time, but the developers couldn't find the right timing or theme. Now, after a long wait, the legendary cat brawler Kit with a cartoon style has been added to the game, introducing a new trio.
  • Since players thought Kit would be Shelly's cat, the developers made a skin resembling Shelly, possibly naming Shelly's cat Billy. Some players believe that Kit is female (perhaps due to the lines on his eyes resembling eyelashes), but this is not the case.

Conclusion on the KIT guide:

In conclusion, Kit is a unique and versatile brawler who combines support and assassin roles, making him an invaluable asset in various game modes. Despite his short attack range, low health, and moderate damage, Kit excels thanks to his Super, which significantly boosts his stats and offers both offensive and defensive capabilities.Kit's primary attack is a quick scratch with his claws, dealing substantial damage at close range and allowing him to rapidly finish off enemies. His Super lets him jump onto an enemy or ally, dealing damage or providing healing and additional firepower, respectively. This ability makes him particularly effective in team compositions that include tanky brawlers or assassins.Kit's gadgets enhance his tactical flexibility. The invisibility gadget enables surprise attacks and faster Super charging, while the healing gadget provides crucial support during engagements. His Star Powers further amplify his strengths, with "Power Hungry" doubling the benefits from power cubes in Showdown, and "Overly Attached" extending his attachment duration to allies.Kit's diverse skins add a layer of personalization, allowing players to showcase his different looks.Overall, Kit's blend of support and offensive capabilities, combined with his high movement speed and strategic gadgets, makes him a formidable and dynamic brawler. Whether in Showdown, Heist, Brawl Ball, or other game modes, Kit's unique abilities and playstyle provide a significant advantage to any team.


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