Top Builds Brawl Stars Jessie Guide!
Top Builds Brawl Stars Jessie Guide!

Top Builds Brawl Stars Jessie Guide!

06.04 .2024
JESSIE BEST BUILD She possesses average movement speed, moderate to low health, medium offensive capabilities, and a standard rate of reloading. When she activates her Super ability, she summons a turret with moderate durability, minimal offensive power, but an extremely rapid attack rate. Jessie's attacks at medium range carry significant damage potential as they can rebound off foes, striking two additional nearby enemies. This feature enables her to swiftly charge...


She possesses average movement speed, moderate to low health, medium offensive capabilities, and a standard rate of reloading. When she activates her Super ability, she summons a turret with moderate durability, minimal offensive power, but an extremely rapid attack rate. Jessie's attacks at medium range carry significant damage potential as they can rebound off foes, striking two additional nearby enemies. This feature enables her to swiftly charge her Super ability; hitting three enemies at once can immediately replenish it. Using her initial Gadget, Jessie's turret emits a shockwave that decelerates all adversaries within its vicinity. Meanwhile, her second gadget notably hastens her reloading process. Through her initial Star Power, Jessie can restore her turret's health by engaging in attacks, while her second Star Power causes her turret's attacks to rebound off enemies.

The Star Power "Energize" stands out as the optimal choice for Jessie. This is primarily because you can consistently shoot at Scrappy, her turret, to keep it operational, allowing it to continue its assault on enemies. This tactic proves exceptionally potent in Heist matches, as it compels opponents to deplete their ammunition on the turret, hindering their progress. Regarding Gadgets, the "Spark Plug" variant holds considerable power in maximizing the effectiveness of your turret. Slowing down enemies renders them unable to evade Scrappy's attacks. Additionally, prioritizing Damage gear is crucial when playing as Jessie due to her ability to inflict significant harm. Furthermore, the Speed gear can also be advantageous for catching low DPS adversaries off guard.

SPARK PLUGJessie Gadget 01

Jessie triggers a shockwave from her turret, slowing down all enemies within its area of effect.

DAMAGEDamage Gear

Deals 15% EXTRA DAMAGE when your brawler is below 50% health

ENERGIZEJessie Star Power 01

Jessie can repair her gun turret for 1060 of its missing health by zapping it with her attack.

SPEEDSpeed Gear

Gain 15% SPEED INCREASE when moving in bushes


The Star Power "Shocky" proves to be particularly effective in lower trophy ranges, as the turret's bounces can hit multiple enemies. However, seasoned players can easily counterplay against your turret, making this Star Power somewhat less impactful. Nonetheless, it retains its potency when facing Brawlers with pets or deployable objects, as it can damage all targets simultaneously. The Gadget "Recoil Spring" becomes essential when participating in Heist matches, as your turret can inflict significant damage to the safe if left unchecked. However, in other game modes, the alternative Gadget remains superior. Additionally, in Heist, opting for the Pet Power gear over the Speed gear can result in substantial damage output from Scrappy onto the safe.

RECOIL SPRINGJessie Gadget 02

Scrappy’s attack speed is doubled for 5 seconds.

SHOCKYJessie Star Power 02

Scrappy the turret now shoots energy orbs that bounce between enemies. The orbs’ range after a bounce is 51% of normal range.

PET POWERTara Pet Gear

Pet power increased by 25%


Jessie’s turret has 50% more health and deals 20% more damage.

  • SPEED +26%

  • DAMAGE +25%

  • SHIELD +5%

Important information about JESSIE:

  •  Rarity: SUPER RARE
  •  Class: CONTROLLER
  •  Jessie’s title: "The Builder"
  •  Personal description of Jessie: ""Jessie is a child prodigy inventor. She crafts weapons and gadgets from scrap to prove to her mother, Pam, that she can fend for herself.""


  • HEALTH 6000 HP
  •  MAX DMG 2120
  •  MAX SUPER DMG 520 
  •  SUPER REFILLS 6,25%

Characters that JESSIE opposes:

  1. Poco

  2.  8-Bit

  3.  Lola

  4.  Meg

  5.  Pam

Characters who are not opposed:

  1. Barley

  2.  Brock

  3.  Dynamike

  4.  Sam

  5.  Grom

A precise guide for attack, super, hypercharge, gadgets, and star power:


Jessie launches energy orbs capable of bouncing up to three times, homing in on the nearest enemy within range. With each bounce, the orb's damage decreases by 25%. Initially, the first hit inflicts 2120 damage. If opponents are clustered together, Jessie's primary attack can swiftly dismantle the enemy team, especially when combined with coordinated fire from teammates.


Jessie deploys a turret boasting 6600 HP and inflicting 520 damage per attack. Thanks to its rapid attack speed, the turret can deal substantial damage (1733 per second) to enemies who fail to evade its onslaught. The turret proves highly effective in demolishing obstacles, pets, and particularly the safe in Heist matches. Additionally, it serves as a formidable tool for area control on the map, facilitating advancement for both allies and Jessie herself.

SCRAPPY 2.0Jessie Hypercharge

Upon activation, Jessie gains a 30% speed boost, a 20% increase in damage, and a shield. Additionally, her turret receives significant enhancements, including a 50% boost in health and a 20% increase in damage. Notably, if you deploy your turret while Hypercharge is active, the turret will remain "hypercharged" until it is destroyed, even if Jessie's Hypercharge status expires.

SPARK PLUGJessie Gadget 01

Opponents within the vicinity of the turret and within the reach of this Gadget experience a significant slowdown for a brief duration. This slowdown effect is substantial, rendering enemies unable to evade Scrappy's shots, or those of your allies. Utilizing this Gadget often leads to securing one or two kills each time it is activated, proving to be a game-changing asset.

RECOIL SPRINGJessie Gadget 02

For the following 5 seconds, Scrappy's attack speed is doubled. This Gadget proves incredibly potent in Heist or Siege matches, as an undefended turret can inflict a staggering 3466 damage per second to the safe, and even more when combined with the Pet Power gear or Hypercharge. This compels opponents to swiftly eliminate the turret, possibly resorting to using Gadgets or Supers to do so. They may also need to absorb some of Scrappy's shots and recharge their own abilities in the process.

ENERGIZEJessie Star Power 01

Jessie has the ability to restore her turret's health by firing upon it, replenishing 1060 health per shot. Since Jessie heavily depends on her turret for power, this Star Power allows her to prolong its lifespan, making it highly advantageous. Additionally, when shooting at the turret, the projectiles rebound off enemies, dealing damage equivalent to a standard attack. This can potentially strike foes beyond Jessie's usual range, amplifying its effectiveness.

SHOCKYJessie Star Power 02

Similar to Jessie's attack, Scrappy gains the ability to shoot energy orbs that ricochet between enemies. Unlike Jessie, the damage remains consistent after each bounce, but the range decreases by 49%. This Star Power proves advantageous when enemies are clustered together or in Heist matches when defending the safe. Opponents can no longer absorb Scrappy's shots since the orbs will bounce off the safe regardless.



When Jessie's turret is placed on the safe, it becomes a force that cannot be overlooked. With Hypercharge activated, the turret boasts nearly 10,000 HP, making it a formidable obstacle to overcome. By simultaneously healing the turret, you can inflict substantial damage on the safe, potentially securing victory. Furthermore, the ricocheting shots between enemies may charge your Super again, allowing you to deploy another turret on the safe and further increase your advantage.


Close-range brawlers will find it challenging to deal with the turret. Placing it in open areas allows it to target enemies unhindered, making it difficult for them to destroy. This strategy provides a straightforward method to consistently cycle Supers against tanks and maintain control over the middle throughout the entire match.


When encountering low-health brawlers, strategically deploy the turret directly onto them while activating your Gadget "Spark Plug." Scrappy will swiftly eliminate them within seconds, leaving them helpless and potentially charging your Super again. This strategy remains effective even against high-DPS brawlers. Even if Scrappy is quickly defeated, the lingering slowdown effect will facilitate their elimination, allowing for easy takedowns.

Best and worst modes for JESSIE:

Best modes:

  •  Heist

  •  Hot Zone

  •  Gem Grab

Worst modes:

  • Solo Showdown

  •  Knockout

  •  Bounty

Here are all the skins for the character JESSIE:

  • Dragon Slayer Jessie
  • Summer Jessie
  • Dark Knight Jessie
  • Tanuki Jessie
  • Red Dragon Jessie
  • Golden Jessie
  • Silver Jessie
  • Cat Burglar Jessie
  • Doll Jessie
  • Skadi Jessie

Interesting facts about JESSIE:

  • Jessie, Pam, and Nani belong to the same crew known as the "Junkers Family," with their favorite spot being "Pam's Scrapyard."Анимированный баннер режима Осада
  • The Siege mode features an animated banner.
  • The line "Say hello to my little friend" is a nod to the movie "Scarface" and is also echoed by Lola.
  • Jessie is Pam's daughter, and Pam designed a caregiver named Nani for her.
  • Despite popular belief, Jessie is not Colt's sibling; Paul Chambers clarified that Colt has no familial ties to her.
  • Jessie's turret, referred to as Scrappy, is indicated by the name of her Super and mentions in the descriptions of her Star Power "Shocky" and her gadget "Recoil Spring."
  • Jessie's voice lines have remained unchanged since the game's initial version.
  • While Jessie's surname was once mentioned as Junker in the description of her Super, this detail was later omitted from all game localizations.
  • Jessie fires the same energy projectiles as Nani.
  • The name of Jessie's turret, Scrap, signifies its construction from salvaged materials.
  • In Pam's Scrapyard environment, Scrappy can be spotted next to his booth, with Jessie's house on top. Turrets are absent from battles featuring Jessie.
  • Jessie's codename is Mechanic.
  • Scrappy and Jessie's residence are prominent features in their environment.
  • Jessie is the only fighter whose previous model is absent from the game files.
  • Initially, Jessie's turret resembled a mechanical cannon rather than the current dog-like design.
  • From the signage, it appears Pam is keeping Jessie under some form of house arrest.
  • Jessie was the culprit behind the trophy theft depicted in the official animation "Who Stole the Trophy?".

Conclusion on the JESSIE guide:

In summary, Jessie emerges as a multifaceted and tactical contender within Brawl Stars. The deployment of her turret, Scrappy, introduces a distinctive element to engagements, enabling effective area control and continuous pressure on adversaries. With her turret serving as a focal point, Jessie becomes adept at dictating the flow of battle, either by strategically positioning Scrappy to cut off enemy movement or by using it to provide cover for her teammates. Supported by an array of Star Powers and Gadgets, Jessie showcases adaptability across various game modes and scenarios. Whether it involves maximizing turret effectiveness to secure objectives or providing additional crowd control to turn the tide of battle, Jessie proves herself to be a versatile asset on the battlefield. Furthermore, her familial connections with Pam and Nani add depth to her character narrative, enriching the overall gaming immersion and providing context to her motivations. Ultimately, mastering Jessie's mechanics and adeptly leveraging her strengths can significantly bolster success on the battlefield, making her a formidable force in the world of Brawl Stars.


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