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Top Builds Brawl Stars Byron Guide!
Top Builds Brawl Stars Byron Guide!

Top Builds Brawl Stars Byron Guide!

08.06 .2024
BYRON BEST BUILD Byron is a Brawler with low health but boasts a long attack range and average movement speed. His primary attack inflicts damage over three seconds when it hits an enemy, while it heals an ally if they are struck by the projectile. Byron’s Super throws a potion that immediately heals allies and harms enemies in its impact area. His first Gadget, "Shot in the Arm," heals him...


Byron is a Brawler with low health but boasts a long attack range and average movement speed. His primary attack inflicts damage over three seconds when it hits an enemy, while it heals an ally if they are struck by the projectile. Byron’s Super throws a potion that immediately heals allies and harms enemies in its impact area. His first Gadget, "Shot in the Arm," heals him over three seconds using one charge. The second Gadget, "Booster Shots," lets him fire three slightly weaker darts at once. Byron's first Star Power, "Malaise," decreases enemy healing for nine seconds, and his second Star Power, "Injection," allows his attack to pierce through enemies every 3.5 seconds.

The Injection Star Power is highly effective because Byron can hit multiple enemies simultaneously or heal teammates while attacking. It's especially useful in ladder matches against aggressive teams. The Gadget "Booster Shots" is the better choice since it improves Byron's close-range capabilities and can inflict significant damage if all three darts hit the target. This Gadget is advantageous against aggressive compositions, helps cycle his Super faster, and makes it easier to finish off enemies. For gears, the Damage gear is the best, as Byron needs extra damage to defeat enemies. The Shield gear is a good secondary option, particularly in Knockout and Wipeout modes, due to Byron's vulnerability.

BOOSTER SHOTSByron Gadget 02

Byron’s next attack shoots 3 darts instead of one, each dealing 20% less damage and 40% less healing

DAMAGEDamage Gear

Deals 15% EXTRA DAMAGE when your brawler is below 50% health

INJECTIONByron Star Power 02

Every 3.5 seconds the next basic attack will pierce through targets

SHIELDShield Gear

Gain extra 900 HEALTH as a consumable shield. The shield regenerates in 10 seconds, when at full health


The Malaise Star Power is not particularly strong because its effectiveness heavily depends on the matchup. It's somewhat useful against healing supports. On the other hand, the Shot In The Arm Gadget is quite powerful, especially in passive modes. The healing it provides is substantial (especially for a low HP brawler like Byron), allowing you to maintain pressure on enemies while healing yourself. Since both Gadgets are beneficial for Byron, you might consider using the Gadget Charge gear instead of the Shield gear to have four Gadget uses per game, which is always advantageous.

SHOT IN THE ARMByron Gadget 01

Byron uses one of his shots to heal himself 1200 per second for 3 seconds.

MALAISEByron Star Power 01

Byron’s Super will also cause opponents to receive 75% less healing from any source for 9 seconds.

GADGET CHARGEGadget Charge Gear

Increases number of Gadget usages per battle by 1

Important information about BYRON:

  • Rarity:MYTHIC
  • Class:SUPPORT
  • BYRON’s title: "Sensation"
  • Personal description of BYRON: "Byron has invented numerous potions and elixirs, both healing and poisonous. But mostly poisonous. In fact, almost all of his concoctions are deadly poisons."


  • HEALTH 4800 HP
  • MAX DMG 2280
  • MAX SUPER DMG 3000

Characters that BYRON opposes:

  1. Colt
  2. Bea
  3. Mendy
  4. Belle
  5. Brock

Characters who are not opposed:

  1. Piper
  2. Nani
  3. Max
  4. Leon
  5. Edgar

A precise guide for attack, super, gadgets, and star power:


Byron launches a dart that can target either enemies or allies, hitting only one target per attack. It inflicts 3 hits of 760 damage on enemies and heals allies for 3 hits of 760 health each, totaling 2280 health restored. This attack stands out as unique in the game, adding complexity to playing as Byron. While using ammo for offense may seem tempting, Byron's healing capabilities are often stronger, particularly within tanky team compositions. Additionally, the poison effect of his attack proves highly effective in passive game modes, disrupting enemy healing attempts.


Byron hurls a large vial with a splash effect that can impact both allies and enemies. When it hits an ally, it restores 3000 HP, and when it hits an enemy, it inflicts 3000 damage. This Super can be tossed over obstacles. Similar to Byron's primary attack, it has the ability to both harm enemies and heal allies, but it lacks any poison effect over time. It's highly effective to target multiple entities, including allies, with this Super. Overall, it's a potent ability capable of swiftly dispatching foes or rescuing teammates.

SHOT IN THE ARMByron Gadget 01

Byron sacrifices one ammo to regenerate 1200 HP over 3 seconds, totaling 3600 HP. It's advisable to utilize this Gadget when your health is low, as it nearly restores you to full health. This Gadget proves particularly potent in 1v1 scenarios, allowing you to maintain pressure on enemies by poisoning them while replenishing your health. Avoid using it when you have only one ammo remaining, as you'll reach full health before regaining your ammo, rendering the Gadget less effective.

BOOSTER SHOTSByron Gadget 02

Upon activation, the next attack fires three darts, albeit with a 20% reduction in damage and a 40% reduction in healing. This Gadget is primarily intended for offensive purposes, as the diminished healing may not prove significant, especially if any of the three darts miss their target. The combined damage of the three darts amounts to 4896, while the total healing is 3672 HP. It proves effective against aggressive Brawlers who may struggle to approach Byron due to its impact. Utilize it at close or medium range to maximize the effectiveness of all three darts and to charge your Super more quickly. Additionally, it can be employed to dispatch enemies with greater ease.

MALAISEByron Star Power 01

Opponents struck by Byron's Super will experience a 75% reduction in healing from all sources for a duration of 9 seconds. This Star Power proves exceptionally effective against healers such as Pam or Poco, rendering their restorative abilities significantly less impactful. Aim to predict when the healer will need to support their teammates, allowing you to strategically target them with the vial.

INJECTIONByron Star Power 02

Every 3.5 seconds, Byron's primary attack pierces through enemies, allies, and pets. This Star Power offers remarkable versatility, allowing you to provide healing support to allies while simultaneously damaging enemies. It becomes particularly essential when facing opponents with pets, such as Tara or Mr. P. Aim to strategically time your dart throws when enemies and allies are aligned to maximize its effectiveness.



When one of your teammates possesses the ball, is at full health, and is near the enemy goal, expend all your ammunition to heal them. This ensures they can confidently advance towards the goal and score, even if they come under fire from enemies.


If an opponent charges at you and initiates a close-range attack, deploy your Super at your feet. This way, your Super will both heal you and damage the enemy. Avoid relying on auto-aim, as it may occasionally miss, putting you at risk of losing the engagement.

Best and worst modes for BYRON:

Best modes:

  • Gem Grab

  • Knockout

  • Bounty

Worst modes:

  • Brawl Ball

  • Heist 

  • Hot Zone

Here are all the skins for the character BYRON:

  • Wizard Byron (Obtained by winning 30 matches in Season 4 of Power League "Once Upon a Brawl.." - 149 Gems)
  • Master Byron - (149 Gems)
  • Silver Byron - (10,000 Coins)
  • Golden Byron - (25,000 Coins)
  • Circus Director Byron - (199 Gems)
  • Beach Byron - (29 Gems)
  • Byron White (149 Gems or from Starr Rank rewards)

Interesting facts about:

  • Byron is affiliated with the same group as Piper and Barley, and their preferred hangout is the "City."

         Старый Город-Тема

  • The nozzle on Byron's staff resembles a serpent and bears a striking resemblance to Amber's oil bottle.
  • Byron represents the third elderly character introduced in the game, following Dynamike and Gale, and preceding Belle and Sam.
  • Byron and Volt are voiced by the same actor.
  • Byron's dialogue carries a subtle Scottish accent.
  • Byron's mention of snake oil directly alludes to the concept of a fraudulent remedy touted as a universal cure.
  • In one animation scene, there's a depiction reminiscent of Grant Wood's "American Gothic," featuring Byron and Belle in place of the original characters. Interpretations of their relationship vary, but given their similar ages and the impossibility of Byron being Belle's father, it's suggested they may be spouses or have had a romantic involvement. Белль и Байрон
    In another animation, Byron is depicted promoting his snake oil, which possesses healing properties for allies and is lethal to enemies, directly referencing his attack mechanics. 
  • Furthermore, the animation includes the recipe for Byron's snake oil.
  • Byron is the third fighter capable of healing teammates with his Super ability, following Poko and Pam.
  • Byron stands out as the first character able to heal teammates with his primary attack, even without the use of Star Powers or gadgets, with Darryl being the second.
  • Among all Support class brawlers, Byron boasts the longest attack range.

Conclusion on the BYRON guide:

In summary, Byron is a unique and versatile brawler with distinctive abilities that set him apart in the battlefield. With his long-range attacks and healing capabilities, he can provide crucial support to his team while also dealing significant damage to opponents. Byron's Super ability, which can heal allies and damage enemies, adds another layer of strategic depth to his gameplay. His Gadgets and Star Powers offer various tactical options, allowing players to adapt to different situations and playstyles. Overall, mastering Byron requires careful positioning, timing, and teamwork, but in the hands of a skilled player, he can be a game-changer on the battlefield.


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