The start date of the "Scourge Invasions" event is November 10/11 2020. "Scourge Invasions" will link current events to the upcoming Shadowlands patch.

Before you go to the afterlife in Shadowlands, you will have the opportunity to feel yourself in a dead body. The Scourge will invade Azeroth again. Players can either fight hordes of zombies, defending the city from them, or join the general frenzy by attacking local residents. And you will be sent to Icecrown to defend your home.


Scourge Invasions

The Scourge has launched an invasion not only in capitals of Alliance and Horde, but continues to spread everywhere, reaching even the remote corners of Azeroth, aided by the duration of the Scourge's bite abilities.

In the first week, events will begin with the kidnapping of the leaders of the Alliance and Horde by the Jailer: the Alliance will lose Anduin Wrynn and Jaina Proudmoore, and the Horde will lose Thrall and Bane Bloodhoof. 

The second week takes place at the Argent Tournament, where players help the Argent Crusade defend the Colosseum and investigate the causes of the rampage of the Scourge.

The quests for the Alliance and the Horde are generally the same, they only involve different characters and locations. 


Argent Commendations

During the event, players can perform a number of daily quests: part of it becomes available immediately, and part of it opens as you progress through the storyline. Players from a wide variety of sources will receive the event currency, Argent Commendation, which is used to purchase sets of armor, pet or useful items. A total of 170 Argent Crusade Commendations are required to purchase all items


You can obtain this currency from: 

 The main questline rewards a total of 18 Argent Commendation.

 The quest Nathanos Blightcaller rewards 5 Argent Commendation.

 Completing all available dailies should reward a total of 17 Argent Commendation per day.

 Most Scourge enemies in Icecrown drop Darkened Scourgestone and have a smaller chance to drop Pitch Black Scourgestone. Bosses drop multiple Pitch Black Scourgestone. These can be given to Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard for Argent Commendation.

 Darkened Scourgestones rewards 1 Argent Commendation per every 25x Darkened Scourgestone

 Pitch Black Scourgestones rewards 3 Argent Commendation per every 25x Pitch Black Scourgestone.


Icecrown Bosses

While fighting with the Scourge creatures, players can sometimes encounter old bosses from the dungeons and raids of Northrend. The list of various opponents includes 20 creatures, some of them drop very valuable loot - for example, Bronjahm “Godfather of Souls” with Papa's Mint Condition Bag, a very capacious bag with 34 slots. And pretty much different gear items like Zod's Echoing Longbow, that you can get from creatures in Icecrown or different items from specific bosses. Also possible to get Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake from Skadi the Ruthless, or Accursed Keepsake can get random drops from any of the rares in Icecrown. 

Bosses appear each in their own specific place, are marked on the map with a purple skull and at the time of arrival, a message is written in the chat, after 1-2 minutes the boss remains invulnerable to attacks, so that willing players can get to him and hit him, get loot. All bosses spawn in sequence like 10 minutes, so a full rotation takes around 3 hour 20 minutes (in the first week every boss spawned in 20 minutes ).Almost all items that can be obtained from bosses have 110 ilvl.


Here are the coordinates that bosses appear

(Use a coordinate addon such as TomTom to use the coordinates below)

/way 49,7, 32,7 Blood Queen Lana'thel

/way 57,1, 30,3 Professor Putricide

/way 51,1, 78,5 Lady Deathwhisper

/way 57,8, 56,1 Skadi the Ruthless

/way 52,4, 52,6 Ingvar the Plunderer

/way 54,0, 44,7 Prince Keleseth

/way 64,8, 22,1 The Black Knight

/way 70,7, 38,4 Bronjahm

/way 47,2, 66,1 Scourgelord Tyrannus

/way 58,6, 72,5 Forgemaster Garfrost

/way 58,2, 83,4 Marwyn

/way 50,2, 87,9 Falric

/way 80,1, 61,2 The Prophet Tharon'ja

/way 77,8, 66,1 Novos the Summoner

/way 58,3, 39,4 Trollgore

/way 67,5, 58,0 Krik'thir the Gatewatcher

/way 29,6, 62,2 Prince Taldaram

/way 44,2, 49,1 Elder Nadox

/way 31,6, 70,5 Noth the Plaguebringer

/way 34,4, 68,5 Patchwerk CAVE ENTRANCE

/way 36,5, 67,4 Patchwerk


Sometimes the weather will change, and Chilling Winds fill the air. This affects every player with a debuff which inflicts frost damage every 10 seconds. Thankfully, Bonfires have been lit all around the Argent Crusade. Standing near one grants the buff Lingering Warmth, which lasts 15 minutes and stacks up to 5. This buff increases the player's damage and reduces frost damage taken. Sadly, the toy Cozy Bonfire does not grant the buff. Taking damage interrupts casts, and it occurs often enough to prevent using your Hearthstone, forcing you to stand next to a Bonfire if you want to hearth while the debuff is up.


 Well, we have something to do before the full Shadowlands patch is released.