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Chromie Homie achievement

Chromie Homie achievement

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The Chromie Scenario sends you through multiple timeways to defeat Chromie's attackers. As you gain reputation with Chromie by killing mobs in the scenario, you will unlock more powerful abilities for Chromie to help speed up your run.You can also fly inside this scenario--unusual for instanced content.

Each scenario attempt lasts 15 minutes and the ultimate goal is to defeat 8 timeways in one attempt. Progress can be sped up through obtaining items that grant extra time, buffs from Chromie, and items which auto-complete a timeway threat.

The Timelord“s title is awarded from the Chromie Homie achievement - reach the "Timelord" friendship level (maximum rank) with Chromie. Ageless Bronze Drake and Bronze Proto-Whelp are drops from the Time-Lost Wallet which is one of the rewards from Sands of Time. The Fortuitous Chromie ability increases your chance at acquiring Sands of Time. For defeating all eight threats within one attempt in The Deaths of Chromie, you receive a unique cosmetic transmog set. These sets are red/bronze tints of some Wrath/Cataclysm armor.

Players can earn incidental amounts of Timewarped Badge for completing Chromie quests, and through Sands of Time. There is no reward for completing the scenario without using Stolen Time.

The introductory series of quests starts from Khadgar in Dalaran. These quests are not time-gated, simply do them one after the other:

The Day That Chromie Dies: Investigate Chromie's vision of her death in Wyrmrest.

Rewind: The first attempt was short-lived, so you head back to Wyrmrest and talk about various threats with the Wyrmrest emissaries.

The Many Advantages of Being a Time Dragon: Third time's a charm! Now when you head back, you can talent Chromie and start investigating the threats.

Each quest awards 50.

On your early Chromie runs, you'll focus on completing introductory quests, unlocking the portals and grinding reputation. Queue up for the scenario at the top of Wyrmrest Temple.

When you first try the scenario, you'll only have the four dragonshrines accessible to complete. You'll gather some materials, summon a boss, and then get a chronoshard which unlocks a portal to another time period. When you re-enter the scenario in the future, you can skip right to summoning the boss in each shrine and save some time.

Portals can be accessed via the top of Wyrmrest Temple. They are unlocked when you defeat the related Dragonshrine for the first time. There are items from Time-Lost Keepsake Box which will help you complete each chronoportal challenge.

Players can earn Friendship with Chromie. You earn Reputation by killing mobs inside the scenario, as well as through Sands of Time.

Friendship is needed to select advanced talents for Chromie. The friendship levels are:Whelpling, Temporal Trainee, Timehopper, Chrono-Friend, Bronze Ally, Epoch-Mender, Timelord.

While leveling up the friendship with Chromie, select the Tier 3 ability Chrono Charisma. This ability grants 100% more reputation with Chromie in the last 5 minutes of the encounter, and 300% more reputation with Chromie in the last minute.

Make sure you have Favor of the Bronze activated as well (random option from Sands of Time, which can stack) when this buff is active, and if you have no other use for Sands of Time, save them for the last 5 minutes of the encounter. These Sands of Time can have reputation options to give you 50-200 reputation with Chromie.

Chromie comes with a set of talents, similar in form to your Class Hall's Advancement Tree, in which you choose between a set of talents and those associated with later tiers require more effort. These talents have active effects that can help you speed run the encounter, gain reputation, or work towards collection items like pets. When all seven tiers are acquired, your character will have gained 65% damage, healing, health, movement speed, and mounted movement speed. Abilities are chosen before starting the encounter. They cannot be changed once the encounter starts, but can be switched before every new attempt.

Sands of Time is looted from special Time Chests and killing mobs in the scenario. When you click on this item, you receive one of two possible buffs to choose between. These buffs include:

Varying amounts of reputation with Chromie, from 50 to 200

Favor of the Bronze - 25% reputation gain with Chromie

Fangs of the Bronze - 10% increased damage in the Wings of the Bronze - 10% run speed increase in the scenarioStolen Time - extends duration of the scenario.

Bronze Drake - auto-completes one of the Dragonshrine threats

Time-Lost Keepsake Box - can contains an item to auto-complete a portal challenge (eg Brimstone Beacon)

10 Timewarped Badges

Time-Lost Wallet - can contain gold or the pets Ageless Bronze Drake and Bronze Proto-Whelp

The Tier 5 Chromie talent increases the chance you’ll get Sands of Time from killing mobs.

If you are going for the speed run, pick one of these options:

Bronze Drake saves you the most time since it auto-completes a Dragonshrine threat for you.

Time-Lost Keepsake Box allows you to complete one of the non-Dragonshrine threats.

Stolen Time - this can be selected multiple times and increases the duration of the scenario.

There are also special Dragonshrine quests that reward 3x Sands of Time for killing the final boss. One quest is available for each run:

Worried About My Friends: Obsidian

Darkened Dreams: Emerald

Darkness in the Ley: Azure

The Dead Walk: Ruby

Hidden around all maps of the scenario, you can find Time Chests that contain a Sands of Time inside. Groups of mobs protect some chests; others are hidden from plain sight. All Dragonshrines in Dragonblight will always have only one up each run, plus at least another one per Portal. It is usually worthwhile to go after them since a Sands of Time can make or break most of the runs.

• Sands of time
• Ageless Bronze Drake
• Bronze Proto-Whelp
• Fortuitous Chromie ability
• Unique cosmetic transmog set
• Timewarped Badge
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