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Squad Busters a new game from Supercell
Squad Busters a new game from Supercell

Squad Busters a new game from Supercell

04.06 .2024
Squad Busters features a diverse meta where mini versions of popular characters from the Brawl Stars and Clash Royale universes compete for dominance. You can unlock evolutions of these characters by collecting duplicates and merging them. The best tips for beginners in Squad Busters offer essential insights into the game's mechanics and strategies for players looking to progress in Supercell's latest title. Squad Busters Release Date Squad Busters was launched...

Squad Busters features a diverse meta where mini versions of popular characters from the Brawl Stars and Clash Royale universes compete for dominance. You can unlock evolutions of these characters by collecting duplicates and merging them. The best tips for beginners in Squad Busters offer essential insights into the game's mechanics and strategies for players looking to progress in Supercell's latest title.

Squad Busters Release Date

Squad Busters was launched globally on May 29, 2024, for Android and iOS devices. However, residents of Canada, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Singapore had early access starting on April 23. Players worldwide can still pre-register for the game.

лучшие советы для новичков в Squad busters

Squad Busters Characters

Supercell is renowned for integrating characters from their various games. The Finnish developers have confirmed in the game's description that it will include popular characters from Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale.

The names of all Squad Busters characters and tier strength level:

  • Mega Units:Dragon Chicken,El Tigre,Kitsune Witch,Magical Shelly

  • S-Tier Characters:Tank,Archer Queen

  • A-Tier Characters:Max,Hog Rider,Witch,Barbarian King,Colt,Shelly

  • B-Tier Characters:Barbarian,Heavy,Bo,Goblin,Bea,Greg,Penny,Pam,Wizard,El Primo

  • C-Tier Characters:Nita,Trader,Chicken,Mavis,Warrior healer,Mortis,Medic

  • D-Tier Characters:Dynamike,Royale King

Gameplay and rules of the game Squad Busters

As described in the game, Squad Busters players will compete in 10-player matches on a variety of maps with numerous twists and unique gameplay features. There are no strict rules; players must focus on expanding their squad and defeating opponents. The goal is to collect as many gems as possible, which can be found across the map or obtained from defeated opponents and monsters.

Изображение Squad Busters

All Worlds of Squad Busters:

Green World

Green World is the first of the five worlds in Squad Busters. This world includes key characters from Supercell's games and features characters, spells, monsters, and modes that are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it a "tutorial" world. It has the highest number of characters, spells, maps, and battle modes of any world in Squad Busters. The theme is based on plains, drawing inspiration from Clash of Clans and Hay Day.

  • Characters:Archer Queen, Hog Rider, Witch, Barbarian King, Colt, Barbarian, Goblin, Greg, El Primo, Chicken, Medic, Dynamike. 
  • Spells:Bomb Spell, Cannon Spell, Freeze Spell, Furnace Spell, Heal Spell, Lightning Spell, Rage Spell, Shrink Spell, Skeletons Spell, The Log Spell.
  • Battle Mods:Double Trouble, Gem Overload, Loot Goblin Rush, Piñata Part, Spell Overload, Tree Giants, Turbo Overload.
  • Monsters:Skeleton, Dart Goblin, Uncaged Goblin, Bowler, Baby Drago, Golem.
  • Maps:Buster Valley, Rumble Meadow, Twisting Trails, Twin Hills, Tricky Thickets.

Desert World

The Desert World is the second of the five worlds in the game Squad Busters. This world is heavily inspired by Brawl Stars, with 5 out of 6 characters originating from that game.

  • Characters:Battle Healer, Bea, Bo, Max, Shelly.
  • Battle Mods:Doppelganger, Super Gem Mine, Loot Surg, Royal Haunt, Whack-A-Mole.
  • Monsters:Mini Robot, Sniper Robot, Boxer Robot, Boss Robot, Kaiju.
  • Maps:Dusty Badlands, Troublesome Gulch, The Sand Pit.

Royal World

The Royal World is the third of the five worlds in Squad Busters, drawing significant inspiration from Clash Royale.

  • Characters:Mavis, Mortis, Pam, Royale King, Trader, Wizard.
  • Spells:Royal Delivery Spell, Heal Station Spell.
  • Battle Mods:Chest Imposters, Gift Critters, Golden Boots, MEGA Start, Epic Overload.
  • Monsters:Skeleton, Bomber, Wall Breaker, Elixir Blob, Guard, Elixir Golem, Giant Skeleton, Mega Knight.
  • Maps:Steel Gauntlet, Royal Rumbleyard, Proving Grounds.

Beach World

Beach World is the fourth of the five worlds in Squad Busters, inspired by Boom Beach.

  • Characters:Heavy, Penny, Tank.
  • Battle Mods:Angry Vines, Baby Battle, Monster Pets, Ring Grab.
  • Monsters:Bomb Critter, Crystal Critter, Elite Rifleman, Rifleman, Warrior, Mech, Scorcher, Rain Maker.
  • Maps:Invasion Island, Waterway Blitz, Scavenger's Shore. 

Ice World  

The Ice World is the latest addition to Squad Busters, focusing on icy terrain and snowy landscapes. Its roster includes the Ice Wizard, Jesse, and Dr. T as its prominent characters. Introducing distinctive combat modifications, it marks the final world to be unveiled following the global release of Squad Busters, set to debut soon.

  • Characters:Dr. T, Ice Wizard, Jessie.
  • Spells:At present, it remains unknown.
  • Battle Mods:1 Coin Chests, Gem Hot Pot, Golem Meteors, Super Ice Spirits.
  • Monsters:Gem Golem, Giant Dragon, Giant Guard, Ice Bomber, Ice Golem, Ice Guard, Ice Skeleton, Yeti.
  • Maps:Yeti Peak, Frozen Marsh, Rowdy Rink.

Squad League

After completing the Beach World in the Squad Journey, you'll unlock access to the Squad League. This competitive mode allows you to earn rewards by accumulating Portal Energy, which is essential for advancing further in the Squad Journey. Within the Squad League, players are ranked, starting from Bronze and progressing through Silver, Gold, Platinum, up to the Ultimate Leagues 1, 2, and 3.

Battle Rewards

Battle Rewards are distributed either upon the conclusion of a battle or when your team faces defeat. They consist of Place Rewards combined with Collected Rewards, encompassing coins, gems, and EXP.


At the conclusion of battles, you're rewarded with character boxes. These may hold either new characters or duplicates of those you've already acquired. You're entitled to claim one box every three hours and can amass up to three without resorting to external resources.


The amount of experience you gain upon completing a game is contingent on factors such as your squad's size, the number of players eliminated, and additional variables like the number of gems collected or your ranking in the game. The maximum experience awarded at the conclusion of a match is 200. As you progress in experience level, you unlock player emotions and badges.

Placement Rewards:


Куриный фьюжн

Fusions elevate the importance of squad building strategy like never before!

Merge three characters to form a colossal Fusion unit with enhanced stats and abilities. Creating Fusions reduces the cost of acquiring Chests, facilitating the expansion of your Squad. Gather three identical Characters during a match to initiate a Fusion, consolidating them into a singular, larger, and more potent entity. Fusion iterations of Characters feature heightened health and inflict more substantial damage. Additionally, they gain a Fusion Perk, enhancing their Special Ability and making it more impactful in battle.

Reduced Chest Prices

Fusion Characters effectively lower Chest prices! The Coin expenditure for opening Chests during battles rises with each new Squad member. Fusions reduce your total Squad count, thereby decreasing the Chest cost when recruiting the next member for your Squad!

Battle Items

Battle Items are consumable resources available for use during combat!

Battle items, consumable resources obtainable through the gem pass or during squad adventures, are also available for purchase in the shop. As their name implies, these items are usable during combat. Unlocking the battle bag at level 12 in the "Squad Adventure" game presents a purple backpack button located at the top right corner of the screen, just above the "Turbo" button, during battles. However, immediate usage isn't possible; it requires a 1-minute recharge time. Pressing the button enables you to utilize your battle items. Upon using a battle item, the battle bag needs to undergo recharging. Consequently, the maximum number of battle items usable in a single battle rises to 2.

Reroll TokensЖетон повторного розыгрыша

Reroll Tokens offer you the chance to alter your selection of Characters either at the onset of a battle or from Battle Chests during combat. They are obtainable through the Gem Pass. Unlike other Battle Items, these tokens are not activated using the Battle Items button. To reroll a chest, you'll need to tap on the "Reroll" button located next to the character selection.

Chest KeysКлюч от сундука

Defeating an enemy Squad during battle not only reduces your competition but also grants you a key to unlock your next Chest at no cost. Additionally, you can obtain keys from many Boss and Super Boss monsters, such as the Elixir Golem, the Mega Mole, or even the Kaiju. Keys are also available in the Gem Pass or through your Squad Journey.                                                 

Fusion KeysКлюч к слиянию

You can acquire Fusion Keys through the Gem Pass. Upon using one, your next Battle Chest not only becomes free but also grants you a fused character! What a fantastic advantage to kickstart a game ahead of other squads!                                                                

Epic KeysЭпический ключ

Epic Keys, similar to Fusion Keys, can be obtained through the Gem Pass. However, the distinction lies in their functionality: when used, an Epic Key grants you a free Battle Chest containing only Epic Characters!


Starter Pass Значок бесплатного пропуска

The Starter Pass, which was introduced on 23 April 2024, serves as a system for player progression, allowing them to earn rewards as they advance through the pass. Specifically designed to assist new players in the game, the Starter Pass differs from a Seasonal Pass as it is a one-time opportunity when starting the game and offers fewer rewards compared to a Seasonal Gem Pass. By earning gems in-game, players can unlock tiers that provide them with valuable resources. For those looking for even more rewards, there is the option to purchase a Super Pass which includes additional rewards on top of the basic ones. Upon reaching the final tier (Tier 10), players will have access to the Seasonal Gem Pass, offering even greater resources. The Seasonal Gem Pass is renewable every 30 days.

Seasonal Gem Pass Premium pass icon

The Seasonal Gem Pass, introduced on 23 April 2024, is a progression feature that enables players to earn rewards and advance through tiers. It offers a broader range of rewards compared to the Starter Pass. Accumulating gems during gameplay allows players to unlock tiers and gain valuable resources. For increased rewards, players have the option to purchase a Super Pass (priced at 11,99€/13,99$). Upon reaching Tier 30, players can access the Mega Bank. The Seasonal Gem Pass resets every 30 days.

Mega Bank

The Mega Bank becomes accessible upon completion of a Seasonal Gem Pass, permitting you to gather Mega Units for every 1000 Gems collected!


Earn Gems through gameplay! At the conclusion of each game, you'll be rewarded with Gems based on your performance. Accumulate Gems throughout the game to improve your overall ranking. These collected Gems enable you to advance through the pass and claim various rewards!


  • Season 1: The Desolation of Chicken
  • Season 2: Moonlight Matchup

15 useful and important tips for beginners in Squad Busters

  1. Strive to build a diverse squad composition that includes tanks, healers, attackers, and speedsters. Take into account the different types of units available and their roles within your team dynamics to craft a versatile and resilient squad.
  2. The cost of chests in Squad Busters varies depending on the number of units in your squad. Get acquainted with the escalating pricing structure, ranging from 3 coins to 50 coins, to manage your coin expenditures efficiently.
  3. Healers should hold prominent positions within your squad. Their ability to assist your units during battles is invaluable, significantly boosting your squad's durability and combat effectiveness.
  4. Merging units not only boosts their power significantly but also influences the cost of subsequent chests. Utilize the merging mechanic wisely to enhance your squad's capabilities effectively, merging units to create stronger versions with increased HP and DPS.
  5. You can hold a maximum of three chest tickets at any given time. Purchase additional chest tickets during squad outings only when your inventory is devoid of tickets to avoid wasting time on regeneration.
  6. Win streak bonuses can substantially increase your rewards when acquiring chest tickets. Strive for higher ranks in matches to unlock extra spins, thereby increasing the quantity and rarity of characters obtained.
  7. Choose units based on the specific modifiers present in each game mode. For instance, in the Pinata Party modifier, prioritize healers or tank characters over resource-gathering units like Goblin or Greg to heighten your chances of victory.
  8. Investing coins in chest tickets proves to be the most cost-effective method of fortifying your lineup. Ensure you have a strong win streak before investing in additional chest tickets to maximize rewards and privileges.
  9. Regularly monitor and claim rewards from the achievement book to expedite your team's progression. Avoid missing out on advancement opportunities by promptly claiming these rewards after completing matches.
  10. Spell events offer chances to unlock and diversify your spell arsenal. These events emerge periodically, presenting unique spells for acquisition. Engaging in spell events broadens your spell collection and equips you with versatile tools for battles.
  11. Spell cancellation is a valuable tactic enabling you to conserve your spells for optimal usage. If casting a spell may not yield the desired outcomes, you can cancel its activation by moving it until its radius disappears off-screen.
  12. Free chests materialize every eight hours in the game. Newcomers to Squad Busters should cultivate the habit of claiming them regularly to continually replenish their squad with new units and resources.
  13. Consumable materials furnish temporary advantages in gameplay. However, it's vital to make informed decisions to avoid squandering valuable resources. Prioritize the utilization of consumable materials such as reroll tokens, various key types, and MEGA units based on strategic necessity and long-term objectives.
  14. Striking a balance between resource accumulation and battle engagement is pivotal for sustained progress. Evaluate your squad's potency, available resources, and the prevailing gaming scenario to determine the most advantageous course of action.
  15. MEGA units like El Tigre and Dragon Chick are formidable assets capable of swaying the course of battle. Grasping the mechanics of acquiring and deploying MEGA units is essential for fully harnessing their potential in combat. 

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Conclusion on the Squad Busters guide:

Conclusion on the Squad Busters guide: In conclusion, the Squad Busters guide provides comprehensive strategies and tips for maximizing your gameplay experience. By focusing on squad composition, resource management, and strategic decision-making, players can enhance their performance and progress through the game more effectively. Whether it's optimizing chest purchases, prioritizing unit types, or participating in events, this guide equips players with the knowledge needed to excel in Squad Busters. With dedication and strategic thinking, players can build powerful squads, overcome challenges, and achieve success in the game.


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