BMAH Information - Black Market Auction House service Information


  • How it's works - Generally BMAH - Black Market Auction House service

    1) We search everyday for your desired item on a Different servers.
    2) When we have an item ready on some server -> We tell you server on that day (around 10:00-18:00 server time) and you create a character on this server. Character must be ready till ~18:40 Server Time.
    3) When char is ready we trade our gold with your character for buying an item on black market auction.
    4) At 18:00-22:00 Server time we are doing the service for you. If selfplay - you have to be logged in and check the bmah: item status time and price, and bidding on item. Don't be afk during the mentioned time! (18:00 - 22:00 server time) If acc sharing - we log in your account play your character and bid on items. and we are winning item for you!
    5) After you won an item on Black Market Auction House, we have to tradeback left over gold amount on same server. After that we are loggin on over server, give you gold for few pets, and you trade gold to the charater who give you gold on BMAH server again - it's need for better safety of service. Boost done! And its much cheaper than do it by your own

  • The Ways how you can pay:

    1) Pay for an item and wait a few days untill we find it
    2) Wait for a day untill we find it and pay on that day and get an item (you tell us what you want an item, but you like to pay on a day its up. We create conference and tell you if its up before 18:00 you should answer and pay. Later can be simply late for auction)
    3) You pay for BMAH package with some discount on items and wait a few days untill we find it (discount depend on items you want mostly). If you will want a partial refund within your discounted package items already done will be counted on a regular site price and you will get the left one part of payment after counting all completed items.

  • When boost started (when we selected server)

    Insturctions for selfplay
    1) Character to the server we selected. Choose right faction and character.
    2) Do not talk ingame. Only here in discord. DO NOT ANSWER TO US if we write to you "You pay later on your realm". Just silence, all chat in discord here. This is very important for blizzard
    3) When you bidding on item, Bid only 5% more every time. Start bidding when it's short and 10-15mins after
    4) keep us updated on item left time always, and price if its on short
    5) when its done and we won item tell us and screenshot bmah window. We will need to trade leftover gold back to the same char on this server

  • If we didn't get an item on this day
    We just try on another day again. If you already pay the order, you don't need to pay again.


  • Some interesting facts
    - Black Market Auction House have numerous of items on sale, and it's changing. Every day it's a new market, new items on servers arriving.
    - We check BMAH every day and can make a post of our daily offers on site / discord channel.
    - Black Market Bet Games available at 18:30-22:30. 
    - Make sure to book your item in advance, on morning or even day earlier.

  • BMAH Sequencing Step by step 
    1) You buy an item on our site in that day or before, it's no matter when you bought it. Will be better if you buy in advance, because booking speedy.
    2) We prepare character on server with item and trade some enough of gold to you. This amount is different for every item, we supply to you gold what need to get the item often.
    This step is around 14:00-20:00 server time.
    3) We camping auction house. To win the item you must be the last person who bid on it. Bid only when it's on short!
    Remember: When someone bid on an item, that item cannot complete for a 5 minutes.
    We also help you with mailbox to collect your gold fast
    4) Win/Lose scenario
    If you win or lose we must trade gold back to us, it's important for Blizzard.
    We don't want problems for you, because of it we must trade gold back as soon as possible in a same day.

  • Gold trade policy - Trading Rules
    We trade you gold with a note for a bmah service, or you can trade some lvl 1 pets you don't need to us for the gold we give you.

  • Selfplay
    - The most important thing is a day when we can do your item, you must be free and available that whole evening to bid on your item up to as late as about 22:30 server time.
    - You don't need to bid all your gold in 1 bid. If someone made last bid right before you, you lost the item for today then, because we don't have more gold
    - If the item skyrocket and you cannot bid anymore, then we try again on another day, when it's cost lower. There is not worth to buy an item for the price they are not worth.

  • Account sharing.
    If you wanna get items by acc.share, then it's will be easier for you and for us and you don't have to waste much of your time
    We will need to know:
    - Your location for VPN connect
    - Login
    - Password

  • Tier3
    Choose right class for BMAH (example: you are looking for warrior shoulders, you must create warrior class, or at least plate wearer)
    - cloth: mage/warlock/priest,
    - leather: rogue/dh/druid/monk,
    - mail: hunt/sham,
    - plate: war/dk/pala

  • Bidding for few Items.
    Gold we supplied to you is only for item booked.

    If you wanna bid for additional item on that same realm you need to tell us first and we let you know if it's possible. It might be booked by someone other. If not, this can arrange at an extra discounted price.
    We do not recommend, but You can ask for more gold on a server we bidding. This can arrange at an extra discounted price.

  • Discounts on items
    Yes! It's possible to get some discount on items, but sometimes it's also can reduce gold supply and increase delivery time.
    For a few items in 1 order we can offer some good discount.
    Also you may get some RB Coins for Success wins!

  • What If there is not enough gold to buy item? What If my item already booked by someone for today?
    if there is not enough gold to buy the item in that day, or it was already booked by someone other then we do your item on some next day, without compensations or refunds.
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