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Tortollan Seekers

Tortollan Seekers

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The Tortollan Seekers is a new neutral faction in Battle For Azeroth with recipes, a pet, and a tabard as rewards. Hitting Revered with this faction is a component of Azerothian Diplomat, and Exalted rewards Tortollan Seekers which counts towards 100 Exalted Reputations. You will also want to grind reputation if you are an Alchemist, Enchanter, Scribe, or Tailor for recipes.

Starting in patch 8.1, players may now earn Paragon reputation with Tortollan Seekers. Paragon reputation allows players to earn reputation beyond Exalted, rewarding players with Tortollan Seekers Supplies for every 10.000 reputation afterwards. The cache contains extra Azerite, and random items. There is also a chance for the cache to contain Bowl of Glowing Pufferfish, Recipe: Sanguinated Feast, and Recipe: Boralus Blood Sausage.

The Quartermaster is Collector Kojo who can be found for Alliance players at (40.51 36.49) at Seekers' Vista located in Stormsong Valley OR Horde players at (71.5, 30.3) at Scaletrader Post in Zuldazar.

Here you can buy Tortollan Seekers for EU or US Servers.

Also you'll get guide for completing Tortollan sekkers

• You will be able to obtain unique rewards such as recipe, armor, mount etc.
• Cape of the Scroll Keepers Armor
• Scroll of Combustible Critters Armor
• Bountiful Captain's Feast Recipe (Rank 2) — Cooking
• Contract: Champions of Azeroth Recipe (Rank 2) — Inscription
• Contract: Tortollan Seekers Recipe (Rank 2) — Inscription
• Sea-Treated Footwraps
• Antiquity Handler's Gloves
• Girdle of the Scroll-Sages Armor
• Vambraces of a Thousand Year Toil
• Cou'pa Pet
• Endless Tincture of Renewed Combat Recipe (Rank 3) — Alchemy
• Siren's Alchemist Stone Recipe (Rank 3) — Alchemy
• Bountiful Captain's Feast Recipe (Rank 3) — Cooking
• Galley Banquet Recipe (Rank 3) — Cooking
• Grilled Catfish Recipe (Rank 3) — Cooking
• Seasoned Loins Recipe (Rank 3) — Cooking
• Enchant Ring - Seal of Critical Strike Recipe (Rank 3) — Enchanting
• Enchant Ring - Seal of Versatility Recipe (Rank 3) — Enchanting
• Codex of the Quiet Mind Recipe (Rank 3) — Inscription
• Darkmoon Card of War Recipe (Rank 3) — Inscription
• Inked Vessel of Robust Regeneration Recipe (Rank 3) — Inscription
• Inscribed Vessel of Mysticism Recipe (Rank 3) — Inscription
• Tome of the Quiet Mind Recipe (Rank 3) — Inscription
• Technique: Glyph of the Dolphin Recipe (Rank 3) — Inscription
• Pattern: Embroidered Deep Sea Bag Recipe (Rank 3) — Tailoring
• Wristwraps of Scrollbinding
• Supple Moccasins of Pilgrimage
• Legguards of Ai'twen's Resurgence
• Shellbuckle Girdle
• Sanguinated Feast Recipe (Rank 2) — Cooking
• Boralus Blood Sausage Recipe (Rank 2) — Cooking
• Seasoned Steak and Potatoes Recipe (Rank 3) — Cooking
• Wild Berry Bread Recipe (Rank 3) — Cooking
• Tabard of the Tortollan Seekers
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