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Paladin Training course

Paladin Training course

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Embark on a noble quest to become a paragon of righteousness and valor with our World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Paladin Training Course. Tailored for champions of justice and defenders of the light, our comprehensive program will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies you need to excel as a Paladin in the world of Azeroth.

What You Will Learn

Journey through the sacred teachings of the Paladin and discover the secrets of divine power:

  • Holy Healing: Learn the art of healing and become a beacon of hope for your allies, wielding the power of the light to mend their wounds and restore their vitality.
  • Protection Tanking: Embrace the role of protector and learn how to stand firm against the forces of darkness, shielding your allies from harm and leading the charge into battle.
  • Retribution Damage: Unleash righteous fury upon your enemies and mete out swift justice with devastating strikes and holy retribution.
  • Divine Magic: Harness the power of divine magic to smite your foes, banish evil spirits, and invoke blessings to aid your allies in their time of need.
  • Specialization Strategies: Explore the unique talents and abilities of each Paladin specialization—Holy, Protection, and Retribution—and learn how to wield them effectively in combat.

Benefits of Our Training Program

  • Expert Guidance: Receive personalized instruction from experienced Paladins who are dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and become a true champion of the light.
  • Tailored Feedback: Get detailed feedback on your performance and personalized advice on how to improve your healing, tanking, or damage-dealing techniques and strategies.
  • Realistic Simulations: Practice your skills in lifelike simulations that recreate the challenges of combat scenarios, allowing you to hone your abilities in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Continuous Support: Enjoy ongoing support and guidance from our coaching team, who will be available to answer your questions, provide advice, and offer assistance whenever you need it.

Why Choose Our Paladin Training Course?

  • Proven Results: Join the ranks of countless Paladins who have achieved greatness under our guidance and gone on to become revered champions of the light.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Schedule training sessions at times that are convenient for you, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our training program covers all aspects of Paladin gameplay, ensuring you receive a well-rounded education that prepares you for any challenge.
  • Dedicated Instructors: Learn from seasoned Paladins who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you succeed on your journey.

Enroll Today and Become a Champion of the Light!

Don't miss this opportunity to walk the path of the Paladin and become a beacon of hope in a world besieged by darkness. Enroll in our World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Paladin Training Course today and unlock your full potential as a Paladin in the world of Azeroth!

• Buy ready bundle to get better
• You’ll get all information about aspects you are interested in straight from the best World of Warcraft players. You have a chance to see your play style in a new light that will help you to upgrade your skills. With advices of our professional players, you can make greater progress than you have at this moment.
• Each thread includes 3 hours of professional coaching with practice under your skills in the process of playing and gaining experience, therewith voice contact with your coacher/coachers within a whole period of the coaching. Each training course consists of different options that indicate what part of a class is learned here:
• PvP DPS Death Knight
• PvE DPS Death Knight
• PvE Tank Death Knight
• All-inclusive option means that all of above-mentioned is included in your course; where you can learn all aspects of your class, and it gives you an opportunity to get a large amount of hours for practice with professional coacher/coachers. We highly recommend not only new players but also long-time players to take our training courses. Even if you play long time already, you can explore something new or known aspects more fully, and look at the upside on possibilities of your class. If you are new player, you will reach the high level of playing faster than others play and hasten the getting of desirable game achievements.
• Main course plan:
• For PvE Tank
• Choosing and observing talents for Mythic+ and for raids
• Characteristics
• Choosing and observing legendary items according to boss or affix
• Choosing and oberving trinkets according to boss or affix
• Useful Ui / Weak Auras / Macroses
• Consideration of main points for tank gameplay
• Observing of appropriate time for battles. Help with battle timing and burst tactics
• Observing and learning of appropriate positioning according to a fight type
• General raid advice for Casthle Nathria raid, including buffs, debuffs, previews
• Observing of communications with a second tank, as a partner, the most important moments.
• For PvE Healer
• Appropriate characteristics
• Spells, stones, food, infusions, runes, potions
• Choosing of talents
• Healing mechanics and gameplay
• Abilities in a raid / in a Mythic+ run in priority order
• For PvE DPS
• The goal of the course is to maximize your dps in a definite PvE content, raid, keystones, arena
• Simcraft of your character
• Simcraft of all races and trinkets
• Rotation
• Variation of talents; talents composition for Mythic+ and raid
• On request you also can get those info for your character:
• BiS list
• Ways for right start of a fight
• Logs analyzing
• Stats priority
• AoE priorities
• Damage minmaxing in keystones
• Macros
• Choosing of the most optimal consumables (spells, stones, food, etc.)
• Advice from professional players
• Help with tracking of cooldown control of group teammates
• Tracking of heals’ mana and protecting cooldowns
• Tracking of interrupt cooldowns of teammates
• Selection and discussion about the best ways for intime dungeon runs
• Advice for potential usage of your class to the maximum
• Answers on your questions during the process of coaching
• Also we can help you with the choice of a class for tanking, if you need it.
• Frequent mistakes
• Choosing of the most appropriate accessories
• Considering of appropriate time for applying the most powerful abilities
• Gameplay
• Talents and stats
• Mana management
• Healer’s priority
• Addons
• Help with choosing of a Covenant. Each class has an opportunity to join one of the Covenants; as a result, your character get two abilities. One ability is a common for all classes and another one is unique for each class. First, unique ability will be indicated, then the common one.
• Help with choosing of a Medium. In Shadowlands the system of Mediums in all covenants awaits maximum level players; players can binds their souls to get additional boosting bonuses, as fixed talents, also as various replaceable conduits.
• Help with choosing of Conduits – it’s an analogue of Legion relics, that gives you definite bonuses depending on your specialization.
• Observing and help with choosing of Legendary items for chosen play style
• Each thread includes 1,5 hours of professional coaching with practice under your skills
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