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World of Runeterra Coaching
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Customer Reviews
Martin - Estonia
Trustpilot review - Aug 8, 2022

Definitely recommended, I got what I paid for easily and hassle free :) 5/5 A very nice community helping people out for some fee to clear different parts of the game easily such as achievements, mount, raids, dungeons. Will definitely buy again!

majgade1392 - Denmark
Trustpilot review - Aug 5, 2021

After a very smooth order on full tier 3 gear for my warrior a few month back, I wanted to snart my journey on tier 3 for druid. But u can't complete the set without tabard of nature. so I did contact reinwin boost again about the tabard and 2 days after my order I had it in my bag, and I would recommend every player that is looking for something on black market. To contact reinwin boost. If you want it fast and smooth like I do.

Manuel - Switzerland
Trustpilot review - Feb 23, 2021

So i had a Resto Shaman going with me on my Retri Paladin in 2v2s...I have 0 Macros and no Keybinds... im old :) He was the most patient and skilled healer i have ever seen in any pvp. He managed to not only help me learn a lot of new things but kept his cool and was very polite all the time. For an older wow gamer like me it was awesome and i am going to look to book the guy again. Thanks to Reinwin for the good service.

keksiAT - Austria
Trustpilot review - Jul 12, 2021

perfect!!! had the best 2 hours of my arena career I think I have never learned as much from a player as from this magician machine without a joke ...

were a rogue /mage combo in the 2s , unfortunately I made mistakes extremely often but he almost compensated for everything his ability and explained at the same time great what i have to do and why

.... so people i can only recommend it to you if you are stuck in the rating then take a training lesson and you will be thrilled :) thanks again to the horny magician

i love you <3

Steven Holcomb - United States
Trustpilot review - Apr 1, 2021

Helpful, patient, informative. Great!
The guys were awesome and patient with my far inferior playing. They trained me to pvp better.
They taught me better specs, told me of a better legendary and taught me a new rotation and team pvp play style.
I need practice but I am leaving a superior player. Ty so much guys well worth it!

Toine Nijdeken - Netherlands
Trustpilot review - Apr 2, 2021

Love this website will definetly come again
Hey guys. First of all, am really new to the boosting experience. And i was really nervous if everything would worked out. But the communication was so good that the websites host and the booster of my group always stayed in communication with me.

After just a few hours my group was ready. i got boosted from 1400 to 1800 in a very short period of time i really recommend this website. its realy customer friendly. proffesional boosters. If you stuck at any rating. dont wait and just do it :)

Greetz A happy customer <3

Fredrik Hagelqvist - Sweden
Trustpilot review - Jul 24, 2021

They did an outstanding job to fulfill my request (without going into too much details what that were) - and the best part was (!):

That I were allowed to watch while they where executing said task and we even talked a little between eachother and gave me hints.

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