PvP Coaching offer is a great chance to gain arena experience by playing with professional gladiators. It’s available for both factions and all classes. PvP content is one of the most significant aspects of World of Warcraft. Here you have a chance to get really great gear and weapon for your character, also season mounts. The most desirable point in PvP is a gladiator title, by getting it you also obtain unique season rewards. But it’s not so easy to get this title or some other one on arena. Here we are ready to help you, coaching gives you the possibility to play with pro-players and improve your arena skills. As a result, you’ll come closer to your so much desired goal. Arena coaching has two options of play: in 2x2 where you have one coacher, and 3x3 where you have two coachers. If your main goal is to get gladiator mount and title, but account sharing option doesn’t suit for you, 3x3 arena coaching will be the best way here, our pro coachers will explain you in practice many specific tricks and put wise to you about your mistakes and omissions. Each level of your gear corresponds to definite levels of your coachers that will be the most optimal for your character. Therefore, we have several variants of PvP coaching offers, with different levels of experience and skills. There is a wide range of choice, offers for new PvP players – up to advanced players with high current rating.

You can choose also coaching with voice option or without voice option. If you’d like to have more profit and to learn tactics better, so coaching with voice will be more advantageous in this case, because you’ll contact with your coacher directly to learn more arena details. As a bonus, coaching can bring you some wins and rating, but main goal here is to learn tactics and to see the process of playing on arena, it will help you to reach desired rating by yourself faster and with less mistakes. Without voice option is provided with minimum of assistance and commentaries from a coacher during arena run. If you have some specific questions and want to make a point on them, you should order with voice option then and write your wishes in commentaries to your order. In this case, your coacher will concentrate on the indicated requests. High experienced coachers are at your service 24/7. We’ll set for you a coacher/coachers that will be better suited to class and specialization of your character. Please note, start time depends on your faction, class and specialization of your character. Exact time can be set after your order will be confirmed. ReinwinBoost.com is providing PvP coaching offers for EU, US and RU servers. In case on any questions, don’t hesitate to contact with us!
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